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25 Social Skills Activities for Preschoolers

Social skills activities for preschoolers help improve social skills. With 20 different activities, you have plenty of ways to practice.

25 Social Skills Activities for Preschoolers

Why Use Social Skills Activities for Preschoolers

Social skills are the different ways we interact with others.

There are both verbal (using words) and nonverbal (using facial expressions, gestures, body language, and proximity) ways we communicate with others.

Kids aren’t born knowing social skills.

They come with lots and lots of practice (like most things with kids).

Remember when your little one started to eat, walk, or talk—all the hours spent helping your little one master these life skills?

Social skills require the same repetition.

But who wants to do the same activity over and over?

Different social skills activities for preschoolers work on different skills, so trying out many activities is a great way to practice many skills.

25 Social Skills Activities for Preschoolers

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The Best Social Skills Activities for Preschoolers

1. Role-Playing

Encourage children to take turns acting out different roles in imaginative play scenarios.

This enhances empathy and perspective-taking skills.

If you are looking for some role-playing topics, check out this post.

2. Sharing Game

Use a timer to teach children how to take turns and share toys or objects.

Turn-taking and sharing are both promoted with this activity.

We love this timer because it visually shows how much time is left.

3. Cooperative Art Projects

Engage children in collaborative art activities where they work together on a single project.

This may be a bit challenging for some kids who like to have control of the art project.

Both collaboration and teamwork come into play in this social skills activity.

Try this activity by taking turns drawing these fun art prompts.

4. Puppet Show

Encourage children to create their own puppets and put on a puppet show.

Working together to perform a show requires communication, teamwork, and creativity.

Brown paper bags and craft supplies make easy puppets!

This craft kit is lovely because it has many ways for your little ones to be creative.

5. Group Storytelling

Sit in a circle and have each child contribute to a story, taking turns adding sentences or ideas.

This helps to develop listening and conversational skills.

These writing prompt (short response) ideas may help your little ones get started.

25 Social Skills Activities for Preschoolers

6. Building Blocks Challenge

Encourage children to work together to build structures or solve challenges using building blocks.

This social skills activity encourages cooperation and problem-solving.

If you want more ideas for things to do with blocks, check out this post.

7. Board Games

Play age-appropriate board games that involve taking turns, following rules, and practicing good sportsmanship.

There is the bonus of patience being worked on, too.

Some of our favorite games are listed here.

8. Sensory Playdates

Organize playdates where children engage in sensory activities together, like playing with kinetic sand or water tables.

This helps to enhance social interactions and sensory exploration.

Some ideas of things to put in a sensory bin can be found in this post.

9. Dance Party

Have a group dance party where children can take turns leading dance moves and following along.

This is one of the social skills activities for preschoolers that works on following instructions and group participation.

You may even want to make your own tambourine to join the fun.

10. Cooking Together

Involve children in simple cooking tasks, such as stirring or measuring ingredients, while promoting teamwork and following directions.

Sharing, teamwork, and following directions are all promoted in this activity.

Try one of these yummy recipes.

25 Social Skills Activities for Preschoolers

11. Scavenger Hunt

Organize a scavenger hunt where children work in teams to find hidden objects or complete tasks.

This helps to develop collaboration, communication, and problem-solving skills.

Here is a nature scavenger hunt and a spring scavenger hunt.

This one is wonderful if you are looking for an indoor scavenger hunt.

12. Memory Games

Play memory games where children take turns flipping cards and trying to match pairs.

Concentration, turn-taking, and memory skills are all being enhanced in this activity.

A fun shape memory game is linked here.

13. Simon Says

Play the classic game of Simon Says to reinforce listening skills and following directions.

This improves listening, following directions, and self-control.

14. Group Exercise

Lead a group exercise session where children follow along with movements like stretching or dancing.

This activity fosters cooperation, following directions, and physical coordination.

The benefits of yoga (and some recommendations) for kids can be found here.

15. Emotion Charades

Have children take turns acting out different emotions while others guess what emotion they are portraying.

Both emotional recognition and expression are worked.

You can utilize this adorable emotions paper plate craft to help show the emotions before beginning this pick from the social skills activities for preschoolers list.

25 Social Skills Activities for Preschoolers

16. Show and Tell

Give each child a chance to share something special or interesting with the group, promoting communication and listening skills.

Communication, listening, and self-confidence are all developed in this activity.

17. Team-Building Obstacle Course

Set up an obstacle course that requires teamwork and cooperation to complete.

Problem-solving, cooperation, and resilience are all promoted.

18. Puzzles

Have children work together on age-appropriate puzzles, encouraging collaboration and problem-solving skills.

Collaboration, patience, and problem-solving are all fostered.

Age-appropriate puzzle suggestions can be found here.

19. Nature Walks

Take group nature walks together where children can observe and discuss the environment, fostering communication and observation skills.

Enhances observation skills, cooperation, and appreciation for the environment.

They may also be inspired to read some books about birds after their nature walk.

20. Name Game

Play a game where each child says their name and an adjective that starts with the same letter as their name (e.g., “Funny Fiona”).

This helps with introductions, listening, and memory skills.

25 Social Skills Activities for Preschoolers

21. Telephone Game

Have children sit in a line and whisper a message from one end to the other, practicing listening and communication skills.

This helps to develop memory, listening, and communication skills.

22. Friendship Bracelet Exchange

Organize a friendship bracelet exchange where each child creates a bracelet to gift to another child in the group.

This activity promotes empathy, kindness, and the development of friendships.

For ideas about what friendship bracelets to make, check out this post and this post.

23. Building Friendships

Facilitate opportunities for children to interact and bond with each other through playdates or group outings.

This encourages social interaction, empathy, and friendship-building skills.

24. Manners Practice

Teach and practice basic manners like saying “please” and “thank you” with role-playing scenarios.

This activity promotes polite behavior, gratitude, and respect for others.

25. Celebrating Differences

Organize activities that highlight and celebrate each child’s unique qualities, promoting acceptance and inclusivity.

This pick from the social skills activities for preschoolers list will enhance acceptance, empathy, and appreciation for diversity.

Books about diversity are also a great addition to your lessons to help celebrate differences.

25 Social Skills Activities for Preschoolers

Practicing Social Skills with Preschoolers

There are so many social skills activities for preschoolers to choose from to help with different social skills.

Hopefully, you see a few you would like to try to help your little ones with their social skills.

Practice makes progress!

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