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Letter K Craft: Kangaroo

Hop on over to see a fun and cute letter K craft. Mama Kangaroo and her Joey poking out is a must-make kangaroo craft.

Letter K Craft Kangaroo Activity

Why Make a Letter K Craft

Great Fine Motor Practice

This letter K craft involves coloring, cutting, placing tiny pieces of paper, and gluing items down.

All of these tasks are great for working fine motor muscles.

These little hand muscles need to be used often to get strong so your little one can zip a coat, hold a pencil, and tie a shoe.

It is Adorable

How cute is a mama kanga and a joey?! Your little one will love making this adorable letter K craft.

Letter K Craft Kangaroo Activity

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Letter Practice

Preschoolers need to be introduced and exposed to letters frequently in order for them to stick.

This kangaroo craft is adorable, yes, but it also lets your preschooler see the letter K.

Kangaroo starts with K, and your little one may be able to recall turning a K into a kangaroo when they are trying to recall what sound we use for the letter K.

These alphabet crafts serve as a letter-sound memory device of sorts.

Animals of Australia

Try making this craft part of your Australia study to introduce your preschooler to Australian animals.

Letter K Craft Kangaroo Activity

Materials Needed

  • letter K craft printable (see below)
  • blank piece of paper
  • crayons or markers
  • glue
  • scissors
Letter K Craft Kangaroo Activity

Where to Find the Kangaroo Craft Printable

To grab the letter K craft, fill in the form below.

Find all of the alphabet crafts from A to Z in one place in our shop.

How to Make It

1. Print out the letter K craft.

2. Color the kangaroo craft using crayons or markers and trace the word ‘kangaroo.’

3. Use the dotted lines as a guide and cut out all the pieces to the letter K craft. Trim off the extra paper around the word ‘kangaroo.’

Let your little one cut out the letter K if you think they are up for it. The larger straight lines make this a perfect opportunity to work on those scissors skills.

Letter K Craft Kangaroo Activity

4. Find the paper with the word ‘kangaroo’ on it. Glue it to the bottom of the blank sheet of paper in portrait orientation (the long sides are up and down).

5. Place and glue the letter K in the middle of the page.

6. Add on the large kangaroo head and the large eye.

Letter K Craft Kangaroo Activity

7. Grab the pouch piece and glue it between the bottom ‘legs’ of the letter K.

8. Place the baby joey head so it looks like it is popping out of the pouch.

Letter K Craft Kangaroo Activity

Kangaroo Craft

Enjoy slowing down for a bit with this low-maintenance letter K craft. Only simple items are needed, and the craft is straightforward. Just what a busy mom or teacher needs sometimes.

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