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Asia Preschool Activities: Preschool Around the World

Take out your passport and buckle up to learn all about Asia. With many different Asia preschool activities, you’re sure to have a fun time.

Asia Preschool Activities Preschool Around the World

Why Teach Using Asia Preschool Activities

Teaching preschoolers about the world around them is an excellent way for them to see that the Earth is a large place with many different people on it.

Learning about different cultures helps little ones be more empathetic and show respect when they encounter something (or someone) they aren’t familiar with.

Asia preschool activities are meant to celebrate the people of Asia.

By inviting preschoolers to participate and experience Asian cultures in a familiar environment, they can ask questions to grow their knowledge even more.

Asia Preschool Activities Preschool Around the World

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Geography Activities

Activity 1: Color Asia

Print off a world map. Have your little one color in all of Asia.

You may wish to show your little one how many countries are part of Asia (48 countries, FYI) and how large it is.

Activity 2: Famous Landmarks

After looking at pictures (or videos) of famous landmarks, challenge your preschooler to use blocks or playdough to make famous landmarks in Asia like The Great Wall of China, the Taj Mahal, or Mount Fiji.

Having reference pictures printed for your little one to refer back to may be helpful.

This is one of the Asia preschool activities that packs a punch.

Your little one is learning about different landmarks (and they are bound to ask WHY it was made), plus they have the chance to build it, too.

Asia Preschool Activities Preschool Around the World

Culture Activities

Activity 1: Celebrations and Festivals

Learn about different celebrations and festivals that take place in Asia.

Create crafts and decorations to go with these special events.

You can watch videos to see how outstanding these festivities are, too.

Activity 2: Learn Asian Dances

Watch video tutorials on how to do well-known Asian dances like the fan dance.

Have your little ones make paper fans and follow along with the dance tutorials.

Asia Preschool Activities Preschool Around the World

Math Activities

Activity 1: Couting with Cultural Items

Use Asian-themed food or items to practice counting or making patterns.

Things like sushi rolls, chopsticks, or dragon fruit can be used.

If you don’t have these things physically, try printing off pictures.

Activity 2: Learn to Count in an Asian Language

The internet is a beautiful tool for learning simple things, like numbers, in a new language.

Search how to count in Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese, or Thai.

Have your little one practice counting to 10 in the new language.

Asia Preschool Activities Preschool Around the World

Language Arts Activities

Activity 1: Read Books about Asia

With Asia being the largest continent in the world, there are over 45 (48 to be exact) countries in Asia, making it a great place to learn and read about.

Activity 2: Retell Folktales from Asia

Tell some famous Asian folktales to your little one. She can act out different parts of the folktale to help bring the story to life.

Asia Preschool Activities Preschool Around the World

Music Activities

Activity 1: Listen to Traditional Asian Music

Play traditional Asia music from different countries.

Move around or dance to the different beats.

Talk about how the music makes you feel (even if you can’t understand the words).

Activity 2: Asian Instruments

Make Asian instruments at home, like the Indian tabla or the Japanese taiko drums.

Practice playing different rhythms with the instruments.

Asia Preschool Activities Preschool Around the World

Cooking Activities

Activity 1: Make Traditional Asian Cuisine

Make a few different Asian dishes like sushi rolls, fried rice, or Vietnamese pho.

Talk about the different ingredients and if they are the same or different than the ingredients you usually cook with.

Practical Asia preschool activities are the best– learning about Asia WHILE cooking dinner and bonding, talk about a win!

Activity 2: Eat a Meal Using Chopsticks

Although not all Asian countries use chopsticks, some still do.

It may be a fun task for your little one to try to use chopsticks.

Plus, chopsticks are a great way to practice fine motor skills!

Asia Preschool Activities Preschool Around the World

Asia Preschool Activities

There are many fantastic Asia preschool activities to learn about Asia.

Hopefully, you are inspired to take your little one on a journey to the beautiful continent of Asia.

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