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Letter J Craft: Jellyfish Activity

Swim on by to check out this adorable letter J craft. Turning a letter J into a jellyfish craft is fun and simple.

APA Letter J Craft Jellyfish Activity

Why Make a Jellyfish Craft

Little Can Make It Their Own

Sure, jellyfish are usually pictured as blue, but blue jellyfish aren’t the only ones in the sea.

There are many different vibrant colored jellyfish.

Let your littles embrace this face and color the letter J craft any color (or colors) they wish!

This helps preschoolers practice decision-making and gives their little ones a sense of pride that they have to choose and bring to life their jellyfish craft idea.

Various Fine Motor Activities in One Craft

Coloring, cutting, picking up tiny pieces, and gluing all require hand muscles to work.

The more preschoolers use these muscles, the stronger they get!

Fine motor activities are a must when teaching preschoolers.

APA Letter J Craft Jellyfish Activity

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When putting together the jellyfish craft, the children must try different ways to get the long, thin tentacles to fit on the page.

Of course, you can always help or encourage them to try a specific tentacle in a particular spot to aid the letter J craft making.

Letter Recognition

Alphabet crafts are an incredible way to introduce children to and help them remember letters.

By making the crafts fun and memorable, you can help your child recall the letters more easily.

As a bonus, each letter is turned into an animal that begins with that letter, which further helps preschoolers remember the sound we use for the letters. ( j-j-j-jellyfish for J)

APA Letter J Craft Jellyfish Activity

Where to Find the Letter J Craft Printable

Fill in the form below to grab the letter J craft printable.

If you would rather, we have all the letters from A to Z available for download in our shop.

Materials Needed

  • Letter J Craft printable (see above)
  • blank piece of paper
  • glue
  • scissors
  • crayons or markers
APA Letter J Craft Jellyfish Activity

How to Make a Letter J Craft

1. Use the free printable above to print the letter J craft.

2. Color the jellyfish and trace the word ‘jellyfish.’

3. Cut out the letter J, the jellyfish body, and tentacles, and trim the extra paper around the word ‘jellyfish.’

APA Letter J Craft Jellyfish Activity

4. Place the blank paper so the long edges go up and down (portrait orientation).

5. Encourage your little one to find the word ‘jellyfish’ and glue it to the very bottom of the page.

6. Find the letter J and glue it to the middle of the paper.

APA Letter J Craft Jellyfish Activity

7. Add the jellyfish body to the top of the letter J. When gluing, don’t glue down the flat side just yet. You’ll want to be able to slide the tentacles under it in the next step.

The letter J is one of the tentacles.

8. Try different ways of placing the tentacles around the letter J while keeping them connected to the body at the top of the letter J.

9. If possible, try to slide the top of the tentacle under the jellyfish’s body after finding a way your little one likes. Then, glue the tentacles down. If the jellyfish’s body needs more glue, you can also glue it down.

APA Letter J Craft Jellyfish Activity

Jellyfish Craft

The wonderful thing about this letter J craft is that your little one can let their imagination run wild.

Encourage them to make the jellyfish craft in any color (or all the colors) they like.

Decision-making practice for them, less pushback for you. Win-win.

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