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5 Great Ways To Learn with Books in Preschool

Homeschooling preschool can be so much fun!

Younger children are eager to learn and ready to soak up all the exciting lessons you have planned for them, even lessons made from books.

Today we will check out 3 great ways to learn with books in preschool so you can make learning fun & simple.

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Homeschooling With Books

It’s no secret that we use books in our homeschool – lots and lots of books!

As a veteran homeschool mom, I have found that books are the best source for homeschooling whether you are exploring elementary school, working through middle school, or diving deep into high school.

Books are a magical homeschool resource that keeps learning fun, simple, relaxed, and relevant.

They are easy to use, simple to acquire, and allow your whole family to learn in a way that is unique.

Using Books in Preschool

Homeschooling preschool & pre-k can be so much fun.

Your little learners are eager to explore the world around them, try new things, and soak up information.

Like excited little sponges, they are ready to learn and homeschooling provides them with a fantastic platform to do just that.

When you homeschool with books in preschool, you harness that excitement and add in an element that curriculum companies cannot duplicate – magic!

It’s because of that element, the magic of a story, that we love using books in preschool and creating a homeschool that is centered around literature-based learning.

We also love using graphic novels for early readers because they’re such a great gateway into more complex texts!

3 Great Ways To Use Books In Preschool

1. Read Alouds

By far my favorite way to utilize books in our homeschool is with a read-aloud!

Probably something you are already doing with your little learner, reading aloud together is a great way to enjoy a story, share some time together, and work on some homeschooling lessons.

Read-alouds are one of the most effective tools you can use in your homeschool at any stage of learning and with any age student.

We still use them several days per week, even with our high school students.

2. Learning To Read

So, this one can be tricky, but stick with me here.

When I say using books in preschool to help your child learn to read, I am not suggesting you dig out a learn-to-read program or even hit up your local library for every “Easy Reader” or “Dick and Jane” book you can find.

However, I am suggesting that you point to words as you read them, begin pointing out things like repeating words and rhyming words (or even use rhyming books), and start emphasizing phonics.

If you are working with a learn-to-read program, use the books you are reading to reinforce the lessons, topics, or skills.

Even if your child is currently showing no interest in learning to read, remember that repeated exposure to books and words will help them with their future reading skills.

And with every story you expose your preschooler to, you are laying the pre-reading foundation that they will need to being reading later.

3. Reading Comprehension

We can only learn from a story if we are understanding what we are reading, and using books in preschool is a great way to help our kids learn how to comprehend the words on the pages, the storyline and plot, and the resolution or lessons the story teaches.

And while you can dig out worksheets and test your kids, I am going to suggest a much simpler way to look for reading comprehension in your preschool students.

Things like asking questions, having a conversation with your child about the story, and even coloring a picture.

Many books we read in preschool, whether you are working with picture books or chapter books, expose your children to new characters, situations, problems, and life situations.

The stories help your children learn, grown, and understand the world around them a bit more.

And with every page, their ability to comprehend what they are reading or listening to grows.

If you find your child struggling with reading comprehension, be sure to ask questions, point out clues in the story or pictures, and show you child how to follow the storyline.

And remember, your preschooler is a little learner, they need plenty of opportunities to be successful and some lessons will take longer than others.

5 Benefits of Using Books in Preschool

There are countless benefits to using books in preschool, and whether you have a fellow look lover or someone who struggles to enjoy a story, I do hope you make sure to use plenty of books in as you work to homeschool preschool.

The benefits are countless, but here are a few of my personal favorites!

  1. Snuggle time with my kids! As my children were not reading in preschool, reading together gave us time to snuggle.
  2. Bedtime memories! We frequently read books at bedtime (remember, you can homeschool any time you want) creating memories that have lasted for years.
  3. Family time. As I said, we read a lot in our homeschool, and reading books together became part of our family time. Many stories we still recall together.
  4. Life lessons. Using books in our homeschool, even in our preschool years, gave us the opportunity to work on life lessons and teach our children about some of life’s biggest and most challenging topics.
  5. Character training. Just like life lessons, books offer us the opportunity to begin pointing out both positive and negative character traits and having the big conversations families need to have in a relaxed and safe way.

Ready To Add More Books To Your Preschool?

If you are ready to add more books to your preschool, or start creating a homeschool built around literature, then be sure to get to your local library or hit up you favorite books store.

You won’t regret making reading a foundational part of your homeschool.

About the Author

Kelly is a homeschooling mama living in Maine with her husband of more than 20 years and their four children, two of whom are homeschool graduates, along with their five pets.

She is a veteran homeschooler who is passionate about helping the homeschool community simplify their homeschool, find their authentic learning style, and embrace the chaos that often comes with raising a family.

Offering homeschool help, hope & humor, you can follow Kelly online at Hope In The Chaos.

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