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Preschool June Themes

Whip up some fun preschool June themes with these great suggestions. They are sure to measure up when it comes to learning and growing.

Preschool June Themes

How to Use Preschool June Themes

The easiest and most used way to use preschool June themes is to pick a theme for a week.

A week is a long enough time to let little ones dabble in the topic but not too long that they get bored and you run out of things to do.

Some themes can be pushed together into a more significant theme if desired.

The idea of measurement can quickly be brought into the bakery theme.

Time and volume measurements are both readily used in baking.

Length measurements can also be used when discussing length to roll out dough.

Some educators may take a theme like musical instruments and introduce a new instrument each Monday.

That way, their preschoolers are still getting exposure to the instruments without a full-blown weekly theme covering the topic.

Whatever you do, as long as it works for you and your little ones, you are doing it right. 🙂

Preschool June Themes

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June Themes for Preschool

Simple Machines

Littles may not even realize they are using a machine when using simple machines.

Try introducing different types of simple machines and see how many simple machines your little ones can find.

Unscrewing the peanut butter jar makes use of a simple machine called a screw.

Turning the door handle is an example of a wheel and axle simple machine.

The playground is another fun place to go and look for simple machines.

North America

Each month, starting in January, a new continent is highlighted.

For the topics for the preschool June themes, North America was chosen.

Show where North America is on a globe.

Talk about different foods, cultures, and animals that belong to North America.

Preschool June Themes


Both standard and nonstandard units of measurement can be talked about and explored during this topic for the preschool June themes list.

Measure a set distance using their shoes (toe to heel) and in inches.

Try measuring how long the table is in apples or blocks.

The measuring fun doesn’t have to stop there.

Baking uses many different types of measurement, too. So, if you choose to do a bakery-themed week, you can keep the measurement fun going.


Kids either love reptiles or are very scared of reptiles.

Introducing them to reptiles in a non-threatening way may teach kids that reptiles aren’t as scary as they initially thought.

Books and pictures may be the best place to start.

Watching videos about reptiles may still spook some kids.

Learn about reptile bodies and what they need.

Not every animal is fluffy and cuddly, and that’s okay!

Teaching kids about reptiles can help them learn to appreciate things even if it isn’t their favorite thing in the world.

Preschool June Themes


Bake up many different concepts to life with a bakery theme.

Follow simple recipes to practice math and reading skills. Be creative with decorating baked goods.

This is one of the preschool June themes that can be transferred to your preschoolers’ real lives.

They can bake or even visit a bakery!

Making Music with Instruments

Through all of the continent studies, listening to different kinds of music has been suggested.

Let your little ones take their turns making music.

You can use already-made instruments or challenge your little ones to use recycled items to make their own instrument.

Dry beans are a great addition to two bowl-type containers taped together to make some rattling noise.

Taping wax paper to the end of a toilet paper roll is another excellent instrument to make.

Preschool June Themes

Trying Preschool June Themes

Try a few June themes for preschool, or try them all!

You will surely have a wonderful time exploring, inventing, and learning something new.

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