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15+ Children’s Books About Cooperation and Teamwork

Valuable lessons and delightful adventures unfold in these children’s books about cooperation. Teamwork and social skills are also learned.

15+ Children's Books About Cooperation and Teamwork

The Importance of Cooperation and Teamwork

You don’t need me to tell you that working together is a life skill preschoolers need to learn.

But cooperation and teamwork go deeper than that.

When kids work on these skills, they also inadvertently work on social skills.

A team or partner group needs to communicate to know what goals they are working towards and how to move forward.

This goes hand in hand with empathy and compromise, too.

Problem-solving skills are also worked on when kids learn to cooperate.

Diverse perspectives and ideas are bound to be brought up when kids work together.

Figuring out how to navigate these differences will help your little one to solve problems better.

15+ Children's Books About Cooperation and Teamwork

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Through teamwork and cooperation, kids can build relationships and enhance their learning.

When kids learn from each other (or teach someone new), they learn the concept better.

All of this to say, working on teamwork and cooperation today will help your little one to use these skills successfully throughout life.

One of the best ways to teach these skills is with children’s books about cooperation and teamwork.

Because the children’s books about cooperation are made for kids, they are eye-catching and easy to understand.

15+ Children's Books About Cooperation and Teamwork

Top Children’s Books about Cooperation and Teamwork

1. The Enormous Potato by Aubrey Davis

This folktale has existed for many generations, but that doesn’t mean you should discount it.

This lovely story shows what can happen when everyone lends a helping hand.

2. Sloth and Squirrel in a Pickle by Cathy Ballou Mealey

Unlikely friends Sloth and Squirrel are left with no job and 677 1/2 jars of pickles after incorrectly packaging them.

They devise an ingenious idea of how to earn money together to buy the bike of their dreams.

3. A Little SPOT of Teamwork: A Story About Collaboration and Leadership by Diane Alber

Teamwork Spots work together to show kids how they can be good teammates.

From being an excellent leader to what to do in a conflict, this pick for the children’s book about cooperation covers everything.

4. The Power of a Flower: A Book about Determination and Teamwork by Kellie Carte-Sears

Massy and her cat, Blue, set out to plant a beautiful flower. Nothing goes as planned, and Massy and Blue must navigate setbacks and disappointments to make their dream a reality.

5. Teamwork Isn’t My Thing, and I Don’t Like to Share! by Julia Cook

This children’s book about cooperation offers many situations the main character runs into, where he is forced to work as a team or share.

Each situation is discussed to help your little one see why it is beneficial to use teamwork or to share.

15+ Children's Books About Cooperation and Teamwork

6. The Hard Hat for Kids: A Story About 10 Ways to Be a Great Teammate by Jon Gordon

Mickey is destined to be the best player on her basketball team.

She heard there was an award for being the best teammate.

Come along as Mickey learns there is a big difference between being the best player and being a good teammate.

7. Teach Your Dragon To Share by Steve Herman

By using a pet dragon to train, this book makes learning to share entertaining and less threatening.

8. Even Pirates Need to Listen by Mike Carnes

With the help of Captain Ella, your little ones will learn the importance of their actions and that everyone else depends on them to listen.

9. Our Class is a Family by Shannon Olsen

Teach your littles that it is okay to make mistakes and that their classmates and teacher are a special kind of school family with this pick for the children’s books about cooperation.

10. The Fort by Laura Perdew

A pirate and prince make their fort (and ship) in the same spot.

Things are left around, leading each kid to believe there is an intruder.

After battling it out, the pirate and prince combine their imaginations to make a new adventure.

15+ Children's Books About Cooperation and Teamwork

11. Up the Creek (Life in the Wild) by Nicholas Oldland

Despite being best friends, a bear, a moose, and a beave often disagree.

Imagine the chaos this causes when all three are stuck in a canoe together and can’t decide where to go or what to do.

12. Mending the Moon by Emma Pearl

Creatures big and small see the big, bright moon fall from the sky.

Luna knows they will need to work together to repair the moon before the oceans stop moving and the earth wobbles.

Will they be able to do it in time?

13. When the Pencil Met Eraser by Karen Kilpatrick

Come along on this hilarious journey as pencil and eraser become best friends (after some troubles and misunderstandings, of course).

14. The Train Rolls On: A Rhyming Children’s Book That Teaches Perseverance and Teamwork by Jodi Adams

Train has a big delivery to make– taking animals to the zoo. But things go anything but smoothly.

Train and the animals work together as a team to overcome every obstacle.

15+ Children's Books About Cooperation and Teamwork

15. Pitch In !: Kids Talk About Cooperation by Pamela Hill Nettleton

This book is written in a bit of a different format– it’s like an advice column.

Try reading the column, talking about a solution, and then seeing what the author came up with as a solution.

16. The Ants Who Couldn’t Dance by Susan Rich Brooke

Whimsical illustrations are paired with a cute story about ants that couldn’t dance and how they can cooperate and work together to solve their problem in this pick for the children’s books about cooperation list.

17. Steve the Dung Beetle: On a Roll by Susan R. Stoltz

Steve, the dung beetle, shows a variety of animals how he is helping them (and the environment) by constantly rolling dung.

This book is hilarious, illustrated beautifully, and educational.

15+ Children's Books About Cooperation and Teamwork

Cooperation Books for Kids

Kids learn invaluable tools through these children’s books about cooperation. With some skills practice, your little one will cooperate and work as a team in no time (hopefully— a mom can hope, right 😉 ).

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