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Ireland Preschool Activities – Preschool Around the World

Bring new sights, smells, and tastes to your homeschool with these Ireland preschool activities.

Learn about a new culture while having fun!

Ireland Preschool Activities - Preschool Around the World

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Why Teach Using Ireland Preschool Activities

When preschoolers are involved in doing something, they are able to understand it better.

This is especially true when it comes to preschoolers experiencing something different than their own culture and beliefs.

All of these Ireland preschool activities are hands-on and sensory-friendly.

They encourage your little one to experience what Ireland is like to help her understand a little bit about Ireland.

Kids need to be exposed to something to know it exists.

By exposing your homeschooler to different cultures around the world, you are setting them up to be in awe of other cultures instead of being scared when they see people speaking in a different language or wearing something they aren’t familiar with.

Ireland preschool activities are a great way to ease into learning about a new culture to make it familiar to your preschooler.

Ireland Preschool Activities - Preschool Around the World

Geography Activities

Activity 1: Play Dough Ireland

Print out a picture of the country of Ireland.

Laminate it or place it in a gallon-size baggie.

Have your little one use play dough to make the shape of Ireland on top of the map.

Activity 2: Ireland’s Landforms

Talk with your little one about how Ireland is an area of flat land called plains but it is surrounded by a ring of mountains.

Have your little one use play dough to make plains surrounded by mountains.

Play dough is only the beginning of these Ireland preschool activities.

Ireland Preschool Activities - Preschool Around the World

Culture Activities

Activity 1: Irish Sports

Sports are a huge part of Irish culture.

Soccer, rugby, and hurling are all big sports in Ireland.
Have your little one pretend to play hurling by using a spoon and a ping pong ball.

Have her move the ball from one spot to another.

You can add in obstacles for her to go around or challenge her not to drop the ball.

Or you can also have her try to move the ball without carrying it or touching it with her hands.

Activities 2: Wear a Kilt

Some of the Irish population wear kilts.

Have your little one try on a kilt by making one at home.

Use a blanket (or sheet) and a belt to make an Irish kilt.

There are many videos out there showing how to fold the fabric to make the pleats.

The belt is put on over top to hold the fabric on.

Ireland Preschool Activities - Preschool Around the World

Math Activities

Activity 1: Pattern Blocks

Use pattern blocks to make a rainbow and a shamrock.

You may need to show your little one what a shamrock looks like to help her know what to make.

The shamrock has been the unofficial flower of Ireland for centuries.

Activity 2: Potato Stamps

Potatoes are usually associated with Ireland.

Although they weren’t native to Ireland initially, they were able to be easily grown in the Irish soil which is why we now associate Ireland with potatoes.

Decide what you want to make stamps of.

Shapes are probably the easiest to do.

With numbers and letters, you need to worry about flipping it so that it isn’t backward.

Cut a potato in half.

Using a knife, carve out the area around the shape so that the shape is sticking out.

For example, a circle stamp would have a circle in the middle and the rest of the potato cut away so only the circle is sticking out of the top.

Use paint to dip the potato stamps into.

Your little one can stamp randomly or make patterns with the potato stamps.

Ireland Preschool Activities - Preschool Around the World

Language Arts Activities

Activity 1: Read stories with leprechauns, fairies, or goddesses in them

Leprechauns, fairies, and goddesses are all part of Ireland’s folklore and fairytales.

Read stories like “How to Catch a Leprechaun” and “The Knot Fairy” to introduce your little one to these mythical creatures.

We have a blog post all about fairy books if you need more recommendations.

**Some of the actual Irish folklore or myths can be a bit scary for preschoolers so be cautious if you choose to read them. **

Activity 2: Irish Language

Listening and speaking are part of language arts.

Have your little one listen to and try speaking Irish (Gaelic).

To do this, find a video of the numbers one to ten.

Because your little one already knows numbers in English, she will be able to make the connections from English to Irish (Gaelic).

Music Activities

Activity 1: Turn Up the Music

The harp is Ireland’s national emblem.

Search for some Irish music or harp music to play in the background while your little one plays or does some of the other Ireland preschool activities.

This helps expose her to different types of music and helps her to form a music appreciation.

Activity 2: Watch and Practice Irish Dancing

Let your little one see the talent that comes with Irish dancing.

After watching some videos of people Irish dancing, your little one may be inclined to try it out for herself!

There are beginner Irish dance videos you can find online to show your little one.

Ireland Preschool Activities - Preschool Around the World

Cooking Activities

Activity 1: Celtic Knot Soft Pretzels

Whip up your favorite soft pretzel dough.

Instead of going for a regular pretzel shape, try making a Celtic Knot.

There are many different ones to choose from (each with a different meaning).

Activity 2: Irish Soda Bread

Made without yeast, Irish soda bread uses baking soda to make the bread rise.

Most recipes call for buttermilk, but there are ways to make buttermilk easily at home using milk and vinegar.

Find a recipe that fits your family’s needs and get cooking together as part of these fun Ireland preschool activities.

Ireland Preschool Activities - Preschool Around the World

Ireland Preschool Activities

Help your little one to experience the great country of Ireland from the comfort of your own home.

With these fun Ireland preschool activities, your homeschooler can learn about a new culture while having fun.

This will help her begin to appreciate different cultures (instead of staring and loudly questioning other people’s clothing choices in the middle of the store; hopefully).


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