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Children’s Books About Fairies

Journey into a magical world with these wonderful children’s books about fairies!

Your littles will love reading about these great creatures!

Fairy Books for Preschoolers

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Fairies are all around us if you just believe! 

Encourage little learners to take a peek into the hidden lives of the fae with fairy stories for kids. 

Full of imagination, wonder, and mystery, books about fairies will delight children of all ages. 

So, let’s go and explore the extraordinary world of the fae with a variety of different fairy tales.

Don’t wait! 

Share magical fairy tales with your little ones during the next storytime. 

To help, we have put together a list that includes some of our favorite books featuring fairies.

Get ready to spend hours exploring, connecting, and meeting the magical creatures that we all know as fairies. 

Books about fairies are sure to bring whimsy, merriment, secrets, and surprises into your homeschool classroom. 

Check out this list of magical fairy books for preschoolers.

Fairy Books for Preschoolers

Magical Fairy Books for Preschoolers

Twinkle by Katharine Holabird

Have fun with this entertaining read about a feisty fairy. 

The vibrant pictures pair perfectly with the story to deliver a positive message to young students. 

Backyard Fairies by Phoebe Wahl

Go on a magical outing in search of fairies with this imaginative tale for little ones. 

Engaging and whimsical, this book will delight children of all ages. 

Mister Fairy by Morgane de Cadier

Join Mister Fairy as he discovers his true gift. 

Share this sweet picture book with little learners to highlight that everyone is special in their own way. 

The Knot Fairy by Bobbie Hinman

Explain one of life’s little mysteries with this unique fairy story. 

Filled with colorful illustrations and silly shenanigans, preschoolers will adore this picture book.

In the Land of Fairies by Daniela Drescher

Head to the land of fairies for a magical journey through the seasons. 

The rhythmic prose and simple storyline make this a perfect preschool read. 

Fairy Books for Preschoolers

The Fairies’ Ball by Diane Muldrow

Celebrate midsummer with the fairies and their friends.

This adorable story will captivate even the littlest of learners. 

Flower Fairies Magical Doors by Cicely Mary Barker

Explore an enchanting world with this truly fascinating read. 

Engaging and entertaining, this beautiful pop-up book will make storytime absolutely magical. 

The Grumpy Fairies by Bethan Stevens 

Turn those frowns upside-down with this super cute read about fairies. 

A wonderful book to initiate discussions about feelings, toddlers will find this story relatable and enjoyable. 

Good Night Fairies by Kathleen Hague

Discover the secrets of the fae with this sweet storybook. 

With incredible artwork and imaginative text, this book about fairies is positively charming. 

Fairy Gardens by Melissa Spencer

Follow the trail to find fairies in the forest in this delightful tale.

Filled with cute little fairy surprises, this book is perfect for a preschool storytime read.

Fairy Books for Preschoolers

Enchanting Stories About Fae

Captivate young children with a variety of enchanting stories about the fae. 

Bringing whimsy and beauty into the lives of little ones, fairies are truly magical creatures.

This list of delightful fairy books will be sure to capture the hearts of readers both young and old. 

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