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Buddy Rocks: Kindness Rocks for Preschoolers

Your little one is sure to love making kindness rocks.

They are adorable and fun to hide for other people to find or to give as a gift.

Buddy Rocks Kindness Rocks for Preschoolers

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Why Make Kindness Rocks

Starting with a nature walk or walk in your driveway is a great way to get your little one outside.

Giving your little one an objective (like finding rocks to paint and to put googly eyes on) helps them to learn to follow directions.

If she shows you a tiny rock, help her reason if it would be easy to paint and to put googly eyes on it.

You may want to show her (and bring along) the googly eyes before heading out so that she knows how big the eyes are.

These little discussions add up to your little one learning how to reason and think rationally.

There is no wrong way to make kindness rocks (unless you don’t make them at all…).

The colors and designs are all up to your budding artist.

She can choose to make all of her kindness rocks match or she can make each one unique.

Giving her this artistic freedom helps her to become confident in her work.

If she asks if you like it, be sure to ask her if she likes it.

This reaffirms to her that her opinion is important and valued.

Buddy Rocks Kindness Rocks for Preschoolers

You most likely already have these supplies at home.

If not, you can draw on eyes if you don’t have google eyes.

Cheap and easy is a win in this mom’s book!

On top of that, your preschooler can do this craft again and again without much help from you.

Part of the joy of kindness rocks is that you get to choose what you do with them after you make them.

Maybe your little one wants to give them to her sibling or best friend.

Maybe she wants to hide them around town for other kids to find.

Maybe she wants to keep them to remind her to be kind.

Any of these choices help your little one to remember that kindness matters and to spread more kindness in our world.

Something as simple as making a kindness rock and giving it to someone can truly brighten that person’s day.

Items Needed

  • rocks
  • bucket or bowl (optional; to carry rocks)
  • paint
  • googly eyes
  • glue (if googly eyes don’t have adhesive backing)
  • black permanent marker
Buddy Rocks Kindness Rocks for Preschoolers

How to Make Kindness Rocks

1 – Go on a nature hunt and find some rocks.

You will want them to be large enough to put googly eyes on but still small enough to easily carry.

2 – Paint the rocks different colors.

You can add dots or stripes if you want or you can keep the kindness rocks a solid color.

3 – Once dry, attach googly eyes on the kindness rocks.

4 – Draw on a smile with a black permanent marker.

5 – Hide the rocks around your town for neighbors to find or give them away to a special person in your life.

Buddy Rocks Kindness Rocks for Preschoolers

Kindness Rocks

Kindness rocks bring so much joy to the world.

Let your little one take part in spreading kindness by creating and hiding (or giving away) kindness rocks for people to find.


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