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Marshmallow Painting

You may have tried finger painting, but how about marshmallow painting?

Giggles will erupt when your kids see paint and marshmallows together!

Marshmallow Painting

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Why Do Food Crafts

Many senses are stimulated when children touch food.

By creating a craft that uses food, it helps your little one to experience this food in a way she may not have before.

The more your child is exposed to a food, the more likely it is that she will be willing to try it eventually.

The items found in most food crafts are already at home.

Food crafts are a great way to use up the half stale bag of marshmallows that were pushed to the back of your cupboard.

If you don’t have the food item in your pantry, you can usually substitute it or find it easily on your next grocery trip.

Creativity will begin to flow when your little one sees that you are using everyday, ordinary objects in a new way.

She will begin to think about what else she could use differently.

This is a great way to encourage your little one to reuse items that otherwise would be thrown out.

Marshmallow Painting

Ice Cream cones or bowls of ice cream are being painted in this summer craft tutorial as part of Ice Cream Week (week 43) in our Homeschooling Preschool Curriculum.

If you are looking for other activities that are about ice cream, including making ice cream at home, be sure to check out our curriculum.

Items Needed for the Marshmallow Craft

  • Regular size marshmallows
  • clothes pins or straws
  • paper
  • paint
  • a paper plate — or something else to put paint on
Marshmallow Painting

How to Make a Marshmallow Painting

1- Attach marshmallows to clothes pins by pinching the marshmallow with the clothes pin. Alternatively, stick a straw into the marshmallow.

2- Place a few different paint colors on a paper plate.

3- Put one marshmallow ‘paint brush’ at each color on the paper plate.

4- Explain that one marshmallow is for the red, one is for the blue, etc. If your kids want to change colors they set down the marshmallow they were using and pick up the marshmallow ‘paint brush’ with the new color on it.

5-If painting an ice cream cone or ice cream dish, you may want to lightly draw the items on the paper. For the cone, draw a triangle. Add two or three large circles on top to look like scoops of ice cream. If making an ice cream dish, draw a half circle for the dish. Add circles on top of the flat part of the half circle to look like scoops of ice cream.

Marshmallow Painting

6- Ask what color ice cream your kids will paint. This helps them to plan out what they will do. Encourage them to stay within the lines you drew to help the picture look like ice cream.

7- Start painting! Hold the clothes pin or straw lightly without squeezing it and paint like you would if you were using a paint brush.

8- Outline the ice cream with a marker if it is hard to tell what the item is.

9- Admire the paintings! Maybe enjoy a bowl of ice cream after that hard work on this adorable summer craft!

Marshmallow Painting

Summer Craft

Your kids will enjoy doing this summer craft.

It may just become the new way of painting in your house!

Try different size marshmallows and see how that changes what can be painted!


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