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Hands-on Activity Ideas for Active Preschoolers

Homeschooling can feel like a big task with a preschooler if they are particularly active.

After all, asking them to sit still or engage with activities that don’t require much physical energy can be challenging.

Hands-on Activities for Active Preschoolers

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However, the list below of suggestions for hands-on activity ideas for active preschoolers is filled with things that will keep even the most active preschooler occupied.

You can interpret them in your own way to make them your own, but above all, just have fun! 

Activities for Active Preschoolers

Indoor and Outdoor Obstacle Courses

Whether you are inside or outside, setting up an obstacle course will always be a fun, active activity for a preschooler.

They may have to crawl under things, jump over obstacles, or balance to get to the end.

You could also add “learning elements” to them, such as phonic sounds or words.

For example, animal names that your child then has to recreate the sounds and actions of that animal before moving on through the course. 


Mazes are great for active kids, and they can also help with gross and fine motor skills.

You can create small mazes that your child has to follow with a pencil or crayon or big mazes that they need to work out outside. 

Hands-on Activities for Active Preschoolers

Throwing Bean Bags at Targets 

Throwing things will always appeal to active kids, and there are so many ways you can change up this activity.

For example, you can get some baskets and ask your preschooler to throw the bean bag into them.

When they reach a target, there might be a question to answer or something to identify – such as numbers or letters.

You can also use the bean bags for throwing and catching practice. 

Balance Beams 

Another great activity to help develop gross motor skills is to set up a balance beam.

You can do this by putting tape on the floor in your home, or you can create one outside. 

Play “The Floor is Lava

If you want a fun game that helps with balance and gross motor skills, then playing the floor is lava is a great way to do that.

You can add cushions over the floor and encourage your child to jump from one to the other.

This is also an activity that you can do outside.

For example, you could add a different element of learning to this, such as identifying numbers placed on each pillow they land on. 

Hands-on Activities for Active Preschoolers

Play with Balloons 

Balloons are a great activity for active preschoolers.

You can play badminton and count each time you manage to hit the balloon.

This will keep them occupied, suing energy and also helps them to learn to count.

You could then switch it up and use it to learn the ABCs. 

Crafting Activities 

Crafts are also great for active preschoolers.

It is an easy way to keep them occupied as they hunt out materials to craft with or find a spot in the garden to paint or draw pictures. 

Going on a Hunt 

Print off a few things your child can identify, then go on a walk and hunt them out.

A flower, an insect, a leaf, etc., are all viable options.

This can help encourage them to recognize words and also help them to learn through their senses as they seek out these things. 

Hands-on Activities for Active Preschoolers


Finally, playdough is another excellent activity for active kids. It is an activity that can keep them engaged. 

Hopefully, these hands-on activity ideas for active preschoolers have inspired you to get out there and play with your child.

After all, playing is the work of children – even when homeschooling preschool! 


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