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Letter V Craft: Vampire Bat

Fly on by to check out this cute letter V craft. Make the sweetest little vampire bat craft out of the letter V.

Letter V Craft Vampire Bat Craft

What is a Vampire Bat?

Vampire bats sound scary; it does have the name VAMPIRE in it.

But they aren’t much to be scared of. They are mammals and their bodies are 3.5 inches, and their wing span is a whopping 7 inches.

They dwell in abandoned barns and caves in Mexico and Central and South America.

The vampire part comes in because these little bats make small cuts on large mammals (cows, pigs, horses) and occasionally birds. After the cut is made, the vampire bat laps up the blood.

These tiny creatures don’t hurt their prey, per se. Some animals even sleep through the whole thing!

Something else that is cool about vampire bats is that they have heat sensors on their noses, so they know the best place to make their small cut.

Letter V Craft Vampire Bat Craft

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Where to Grab the Free Letter V Craft Printable

Fill in the box below to grab this free vampire bat craft.

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Materials Needed for Vampire Bat Craft

*Letter V craft printable (see above)


*crayons or markers


*blank sheet of paper

Letter V Craft Vampire Bat Craft

How to Make a Letter V Craft Vampire Bat

1. Print out the letter V craft sheet.

2. Color the letter V craft and trace the words ‘vampire bats.’

3. Trim off the extra paper around the words ‘vampire bat’ and cut out the other items. Use the dotted lines to help guide your cutting.

Encourage your preschooler to try to cut out the letter V. The straight sides make it easy to cut for little learners.

Letter V Craft Vampire Bat Craft

4. Place the blank sheet of paper so the long sides go up and down.

5. Have your little one find the paper with the words ‘vampire bat.’ Glue it to the very bottom of the sheet of paper.

6. Let your preschooler find the letter V and paste it into the middle of the page.

Letter V Craft Vampire Bat Craft

7. Glue one wing on each of the top tips of the letter V.

8. Attach the bat head to the space between the letter V close to the bottom where the two sides of the V meet.

9. Grab the tiny ears and glue them to the top of the head.

10. Add the eyes to the face of the vampire bat craft.

Letter V Craft Vampire Bat Craft

Vampire Bat Craft

Take learning about vampire bats to a new level with this letter V craft. Who knew that vampire bats could be so interesting?

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