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Spring Scavenger Hunt

Take a walk and explore Spring with your senses using this fun, printable Spring Scavenger Hunt!

Spring Scavenger Hunts for Preschoolers

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Scavenger Hunts for Preschoolers

Scavenger hunts are fun at any age, but for preschoolers, they’re a chance to explore and connect with the world around them.

When you have a scavenger hunt that is focused on one particular topic, it gives little learners a chance to really hone in on that particular subject and those connections.

The Spring Scavenger Hunt is an opportunity to have children explore their neighborhoods and backyards with the focus of looking for things related to the season.

That means they are able to build connections with things related to the seasons and have a better understanding of weather, animals, and even the type of clothing they might wear during a particular time period of the year.

What You’ll Need for Your Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger hunts are a great low-prep activity because you really only need a few things.

You’ll need:

  • the scavenger hunt printable
  • a clipboard or hard surface like a book or binder
  • a pencil or crayon
Spring Scavenger Hunts for Preschoolers

If you plan on using the scavenger hunt over again – maybe you’re going away on vacation or for a walk in the woods and want to try the scavenger hunt again – slip it in a page protector or write-on/wipe-off sheet so that you can use it again.

In that case, you’ll want a dry erase marker or dry erase crayon instead of a regular writing instrument.

Once you’ve gathered up those things, you’re good to go!

The Spring Scavenger Hunt

This set of Spring scavenger hunts is geared for kids at all different levels.

That makes it perfect to use with your older and younger learners, or just use year after year, but at a progressively more challenging level.

The set contains:

  • A Neighborhood Spring Scavenger Hunt
  • A Picture Spring Scavenger Hunt
  • A Spring Senses Scavenger Hunt
  • and a Bonus Easter Scavenger Hunt
Spring Scavenger Hunts for Preschoolers

While we do suggest doing the Spring Scavenger Neighborhood and Senses Hunts in Week 28 of our Homeschooling Preschool Curriculum, the Easter Scavenger Hunt we save for Week 28b.

So, if you’re following our lesson plans, just place that page aside for a few days and we’ll come back to it.

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Download the Spring Scavenger Hunts

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Spring Scavenger Hunts for Preschoolers

Happy scavenger hunting!


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