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Life Skills for Preschool

Zipping coats and putting on their shoes are only the start of the preschool life skills to teach your kids.

Keep reading to find out more.

Life Skills for Preschool

This article may contain affiliate links to products that may help you when homeschooling preschool.

What are Life Skills?

Preschool life skills are precisely what it sounds like —- life skills preschool aged kids can learn.

What skills can you teach your preschooler to help her throughout the day?

Getting a glass of water, putting on clothes, and brushing her hair are all great start to her preschool life skills.

Developmentally Appropriate Life Skills for Preschoolers

Getting Dressed

Come up with an easy system for your little one to get dressed.

Having only season-appropriate clothes simplifies the getting dressed process.

Your little one may put clothes on inside out and backward.

If possible, allow it.

This helps to boost their confidence.

This is one of the simplest life skills preschool aged kids can learn.

Life Skills for Preschool

This article may contain affiliate links to products that may help you when homeschooling preschool.

Using the Potty

You’ll need to review with your preschooler what rules and routines you have for your family when it comes to using the potty (and washing her hands after).

Brushing Hair and Teeth

Set a hairbrush down where your preschooler can reach it.

Allow her to brush her hair, and an adult can “help” brush it after.

The same goes for brushing her teeth.

Have her do it alone, and an adult can come “help” brush after.

Getting a Drink and Snack

A designated spot for a cup and bowl can help your little one practice critical preschool life skills.

Set up your fridge and pantry so that approved snacks are easily accessible.

Fruit, cheese sticks, cut vegetables, and portioned-out yogurt are a great start to fostering life skills preschool aged kids can learn when getting their own snack.

Life Skills for Preschool

Cleaning Up a Mess

This life skill for preschool goes for both toys and spilled milk.

Learning to clean up a mess is an integral part of life and an important life skill preschool aged kids need to be taught.

Having bins or shelves in reach will help little ones to put away toys.

Keep a washcloth where your little one can grab it if she makes a mess while getting a drink.

Memorizing Phone Number and Birthday

This is one of the preschool life skills that is a bit more challenging but is so important.

Phone numbers are long, but breaking it into chunks makes it a bit easier to know.

Teach the area code, then take a pause, the first three numbers of the phone number, pause, then the last four.

Breaking it up, it makes it easier to memorize.

Practice often (literally daily) for both the phone number and birthday.

It will come— with time.

Setting the Table

Setting the table is a great way to get your preschooler involved in meal preparation and to teach her a life skill.

Show her how to set the plates, cups, silverware, and napkins so she sets the table as you expect.

It may be beneficial to make a setting-the-table picture for her to reference to help.

Life Skills for Preschool


Simply asking her what she plans to do or play with first while eating breakfast is a great way to help her begin to think about what she has to do for the day.

This planning exercise can also be extended to what she plans on having for a snack.

Planning is a powerful tool for people of all ages.

By giving your preschooler the tools to do this life skill at a young age, you are setting her up for success.

Plus, she feels like she has choice and autonomy, which is always good.

Problem Solving

Without a doubt, your little one will face problems throughout her day.

Encourage her to think through how to solve the problem.

Ask her what the problem is and her possible solutions.

When you help her verbalize what is happening, it will soon become a voice inside her head, walking her through how to solve problems.

This is one of the most essential life skills preschool aged kids can learn.

Life Skills for Preschool

Preschool Life Skills

The best way to practice preschool life skills is by doing them.

Come up with a system that works for you and your little ones, and sit back as they become more independent.

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