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Jungle Picture Books

Take your preschooler on a trip without leaving home with these jungle picture books.

She’ll be swinging from the vines in no time.

This article may contain affiliate links to products that may help you when homeschooling preschool.

Why Teach Preschoolers about the Jungle

Kids aren’t born knowing that other ecosystems exist.

It is your job as their educator to show them what this wonderful world has.

When kids learn about the jungle and its animals, they are more sympathetic to protecting it.

Why is that important?

Because kids can’t protect what they don’t know exists.

Many animals and habitats are being forever changed because of humans.

Learning about the jungle can help kids connect to nature and may become interested in life cycles, animals, and habitats.

These are all wonderful themes to explore with your little ones.

Naturally, after reading awe-worthy jungle picture books, your little one will want to imaginative play with the animals and jungle habitat.

This leads to wonderful new vocabulary that can be used in a natural way.

This article may contain affiliate links to products that may help you when homeschooling preschool.

The Best Jungle Picture Books for Kids

Over in the Jungle by Marianne Berkes

Practice counting and rhyming while learning about the jungle ecosystem in this jungle picture book with amazing pictures.

Night, Night Jungle by Amy Parker

Say good night to some of the animals in the jungle– all while rhyming.

NOTE: Religious page at the end of the book

Jungle Scrumble by Kristie Watson

Will the groups of friends have what it takes to outsmart a mischievous panther?

The animals work together to save their jungle friend.

Secret Life of a Tiger by Przemyslaw Wechteriwicz

Tiger seems to live a simple life during the day, but when it turns to night, it lives an entirely different life.

See what unexpected things Tiger does at night.

Explore My World Tigers (National Geographic) by Jill Esbaum

Learn all about tigers with this picture book that has stunning, photographed pictures your little one is sure to remember.

Tarsier Sings His Song: Endangered and Misunderstood Animals Book 4 by Terri Tatchell

The tarsier is a kind of primate that few people know about.

Teach your preschooler about this unique animal through this sweet story.

Jungle Books for Kids: Scary Animals of The Jungle by Baby Professor

Close-up pictures of animals some people would call scary are pictured in this jungle picture book.

This is a great way to show your little ones the animals and let them decide if they are scary.

Ranger Phil’s Jungle Safari: A Whimsical Adventure with Fascinating Fun Facts by Aunt Mels BookNook

Told as if the ranger is talking right to you, this pick in the jungle picture books list is an excellent introduction to many different animals in the jungle.

There are lots of great pieces of information, too.

National Geographic Kids in the Jungle Sticker Activity Book by National Geographic Kids

Your little one is sure to love this interactive sticker book that is all about the jungle.

Jungle Animals: Discover the Secrets of the Jungle! DK Reader L1 by Camilla Gersh

The beautiful photographs in this informative nonfiction make it one of the best jungle picture books.

The Fantastic World of Monkeys and Apes and More by Dr. Tara Stoinski

This is a beautiful resource to teach little ones about some of the lesser-mentioned monkeys, apes, lemurs, and so much more.

Let’s Explore the Jungle by Baby Professor

Small paragraphs of information and large photographs make this book a great resource for preschoolers learning about the jungle.

The Ultimate Lemur Book by Jenny Kellett

Vivid images of lemurs along with helpful information, will have your little one identifying different lemurs in no time.

Whether you love lemurs or are introducing them to your little one, this jungle picture book is a great addition to your book stack.

Lonely Planet Kids Let’s Explore… Jungle by Jen Feroze

This interactive book will have your little one thinking about what it takes to explore the jungle.

There are ‘can you find’ activities, stickers, and facts all included in this book.

Okapi Loves His Zebra Pants by Terri Tatchell

Okapi spend their day in the dense rainforest — the jungle.

When he starts to get teased for his striped pants, they don’t seem as special anymore.

Okapi leaves his jungle home in search of the zebra to see if he indeed stole the zebra’s pants.

Ozza the Okapi by Brittany Mbaye

Come along on Ozza the Okapi’s adventures with her friends Mika and Binny.

Jungle Song by Miriam Moss

Little Tapir is woken by the song of a spider.

He decides to see where the song is coming from and finds himself deep in the jungle.

Will Mama Tapir be able to save Little Tapir from the dangerous jungle?

Jungle Picture Pops by Roger Priddy

Real-life pictures seem to come to life with this pop-out jungle picture book.

The Jungle Book (Disney)

A simplified book version of the classic Disney movie.

Ultimate Jungle Rumble by Jerry Pallotta

Which of the 16 most fierce jungle animals will win if they were to battle?

Learn about the amazing creature features of each and discover who will win.

Children’s Books about the Jungle

Whether your little one is interested in the jungle or you are doing a jungle-themed week, these jungle picture books are sure to be a delight.

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