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What Should 2 Year Olds Be Learning?

When your child hits the age of 2, you start to notice they have more curiosity and their minds are a sponge for knowledge.

It is the perfect age to give them the best introduction to learning and education, and there are a lot of activities you can do.

Whether it is learning through play, getting outside in nature, or just keeping the toddler conversation going, I wanted to share with you what 2 year olds should be learning.

I hope it provides you with the perfect platform to build upon if you’re homeschooling preschool. 

What Should 2 Year Olds Be Learning

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Things 2 Year Olds Should Be Learning

Understand Social Environments and Their Emotions 

We all know that a 2-year-old can certainly express themselves in different ways, but one thing you can work on is helping your little one understand their emotions, their social environments, and also how to appropriately share how they are feeling.

Here are a few things that you might notice or can focus on:

  • Do they get excited when they are around other children or are doing something they enjoy?
  • Copying actions, words, and behaviors from children and adults 
  • Starting to include others in their activities and gameplay
  • Are they defiant? 

If you are noticing any of these things or want to try and encourage a better understanding then here are some things to try:

  • Playdates with other children and set up lots of toys to encourage play together
  • Don’t point out a mistake a child makes with a word, instead just make a statement as to what it is. 
  • Play copying games, such as asking your child to copy what you are doing or saying. This is great for words as well as encouraging different behavior. 
What Should 2 Year Olds Be Learning

Learning, Thinking and Problem-Solving

As they get to the age of two, they become so much more intuitive and are eager to try different things.

So it is the perfect opportunity to encourage learning through play and enable your child the platform to problem-solve and work things out.

Here are a few things you might notice or will want to focus on:

  • Finding things that are hidden
  • Building towers
  • Playing make-believe games and roleplay 
  • Sorting shapes and colors
  • Follows simple instructions 

If you are noticing any of these things or want to try and encourage them a little more at home, then here are some of the things to try:

  • Build blocks together and take turns to knock them down. You can even count up to three with three blocks. 
  • Sensory and table play can be great here. A collection of objects that are the same color and then help your child sort them together. This can then be progressed on to shapes. 
  • Roleplay with you and also follow simple instructions. This is when your 2-year-old can help with household chores. Putting laundry in the machine, picking up items, wiping objects with a cloth. 
  • Identify body parts and point to them as well as eventually say what they are to you. 
What Should 2 Year Olds Be Learning

What About Physical Development? 

Finally, as your child starts to walk and be more confident on their feet, you can encourage things such as kicking a ball, throwing a ball, climbing on things, running, and standing on their tiptoes.

Taking your child to play centers and the park is always a good idea.

Encourage them to kick a ball with you to help them develop hand-eye coordination. 

Never stop playing and learning with your two-year-old!


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