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PreK Science Experiments

These PreK science experiments are an awesome way to get kids interested in science.

Roll up your sleeves and have fun!

PreK Science Experiments

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Doing Science Experiments with Pre-Kindergarten Students

Part of Pre-Kindergarten is being exposed to new things.

Science experiments create a wonderful atmosphere for Pre-Kindergartners to think about and create predictions and opinions about something new.

Items that are familiar to Pre-Kindergartners but are used in a new way help your Pre-Kindergartner to work through various scenarios of what she thinks will happen.

She will use her prior knowledge to help her predict what will happen.

This is an important life skill that is being strengthened.

Introducing science in a fun way will help your Pre-Kindergartener to view science as enjoyable and as something that she wants to do.

Learning should be fun!

Science experiments help to foster a Pre-Kindergartener’s curiosity and build up her self-esteem by giving her control over what is done and when it is done.

Providing the environment for your child to take the lead will help her to build leadership skills and become more confident in what she is doing.

PreK Science Experiments

Kids learn through doing so having your Pre-Kindergartener do hands-on experiments is a great way to have your child learn.

Through these experiments, multiple senses are being used.

Sensory play in an important part of helping your child’s brain to develop and to make new pathways.

So not only is your child learning scientific concepts, she is also having sensory play!

Through experimenting Pre-Kindergarteners are able to investigate their favorite question — WHY?!

Encouraging your kid investigate and to answer this question will help her reasoning skills.

Getting involved in the experimenting and verbalizing what you are ‘wondering’ will help your child to do the same.

Something as simple as, “I wonder what will happen if I only pour in a drop of vinegar” is all it takes to spark some interest.

Your child will love learning and making memories alongside you!

PreK Science Experiments

Expect to get messy!

Some of the best work a Pre-Kindergartener can do is to discover and investigate.

This isn’t a clean and neat process so be prepared that the area you are using may get wet and dirty.

Try throwing down some old newspapers, an old tablecloth, or an old sheet to help contain some of the mess.

Or take the science experiments outside, if possible.

This will create less clean up for you so you can take in a breath of fresh air!

What You’ll Need for Doing PreK Science Experiments at Home

Each experiment is unique so be sure to check out the link to see what is needed for the specific experiment that you are doing.

Here is list of some of the most common items:

  • baking soda
  • vinegar
  • paintbrush or cotton swab
  • water
  • ice cubes
  • food coloring
  • jar
PreK Science Experiments

Fun PreK Science Experiments for Kids

Each one of these science experiments for preschoolers are an awesome way to get kids interested in science and learning at such a young age! 

With experiments that teach about digestion, the water cycle, plants, magnetics, the cardiovascular system and so many more, there are a lot of things you can teach your kids now that they will remember as they get older. Plus they will always remember the fun and time they got to spend with you!

PreK Science Experiments


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