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Letter O Craft: Owl Activity

Have a hoot while making this letter O craft that turns the letter O into an owl craft. It’s simple and doesn’t require many materials.

Letter O Craft: Owl Activity

Benefits to Making a Letter O Craft Owl

Learning about Owls

This letter O craft opens the door to talking about owls while turning the letter O into an owl.

Try reading some owl books and learn about the different types of owls.

Did you know that there are over 250 types of owls? 😲

Fine Motor Practice

All the coloring, cutting, picking up cut-out items, and gluing sure put your little one’s fine motor skills to work and help them get stronger.

Stronger fine motor muscles lead to your preschooler being able to grip the zipper on a coat, hold a toothbrush, brush teeth, and, of course, hold a pencil and write.

Letter O Craft: Owl Activity

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Letter- Sound Connection

Whether your little one is learning about letters or starting to put sounds to letters, this letter O craft will surely be a win.

Littles will be able to reference this owl craft and remember the sound we use for O, the same as the beginning of the word owl.

Where to Get the Free Letter O Craft Printable

Fill in the box below to grab the free owl craft printable.

Check out our shop if you want all of the letter crafts from A to Z.

Letter O Craft: Owl Activity

Materials Needed for the Owl Craft

*Letter O craft printable (see above)



*crayons or markers

*blank sheet of paper

Letter O Craft: Owl Activity

How to Make a Letter O Craft

1. Print out the owl craft.

2. Color in the O, the horns, and the beak. Trace the letters for the word ‘owl.’

3. Encourage your little one to try cutting out some elements for this letter O craft. The outside of the O and the beak may be the easiest for them to cut. Use the dotted line as a guide for where to cut.

To cut out the inside of the O, lightly fold the O in half and make a small cut on the fold (on the dotted line). Unfold the O, stick your scissors into the hole, and cut around the inside of the O.

Letter O Craft: Owl Activity

4. Trim off the extra paper around the word ‘owl.’

5. Take the blank paper and have it turned so the long sides are going up and down.

6. Have your preschooler find the word ‘owl’ and glue it to the very bottom of the paper.

7. Your little one should find the letter O and place it in the middle of the page. Make sure the wave-looking things (feathers) are on the bottom. Glue down the O.

Letter O Craft: Owl Activity

8. Grab both of the tufts (head feathers). The curved part gets tucked behind the top of the letter O. One tuft should be on the top left of the letter O. The other one should be on the top right of the letter O. Glue them in place.

9. Glue both eyes on the top part of the letter O.

10. Add the triangle beak to the bottom side of the top of the letter O.

Letter O Craft: Owl Activity

Owl Craft

Easy crafts are a must for the preschool years. This letter O craft is both easy and helps littles to identify the letter O. Plus, you can use it for a bird or owl study.

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