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The Best Preschool Sensory Activities

Preschool sensory activities are a great way to entertain kids while exploring new and unique things! Sensory bins are only the beginning!

Sensory Activities

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The Importance of Sensory Activities in Preschool

Sensory activities help your kid’s brain develop and make complex connections.

Your kid’s brain is expanding and making new pathways through experiencing new and unique sounds, textures, smells, and noises.

Play is key for brain development!

New textures can take some getting used to for kids — just like new foods!

With the new textures being inviting and fun, kids are more likely to engage with it.

When kids become comfortable with new textures in play, it may transfer over into kids being okay with these textures in food.

A mom can hope this will end picky eating, right?!

Curiosity is piqued when new activities are presented.

What things feel and smell like are things that kids are interested in.

They wonder what will happen if they squeeze, shake, or break apart the items.

New sensory activities allow kids to explore their curiosity and learn about cause and effect.

Increased focus and attention on an activity are also a benefit of sensory play.

Kids enjoy sensory play and can lose themselves in the activities.

This will help build up stamina to complete other activities.

What Makes a Good Preschool Sensory Activity?

A good sensory activity needs to be inviting for the preschooler.

If your kid isn’t interested in it, he won’t do the activity.

This can be as simple as putting a favorite character or animal figure in the sensory bin.

New sensory experiences are important.

You are trying to have your kids experience something they rarely, if ever, have experienced to help their brains to make new connections and pathways.

This may be as simple as a new texture or a new smell.

Open-ended activities are a must when it comes to sensory activities.

This allows your kids to engage with the materials how they want.

Doing this not only helps not only to make the activity more enjoyable for them, but they are also more likely to play longer.

Allow your kids to get messy!

Not all sensory activities can be easily contained.

If possible, take the sensory activity outside.

Less clean up for you (yay!) and more opportunities to build connections in your kid’s brain.

Even playing outside in bare feet can be a new sensory experience!

Body movement and awareness are included in kids’ sensory needs.

The sensory activity should allow for kids to move around, jump, hop, skip, whatever!

Not only does this help to get out some energy, but it also helps your preschooler to learn how his body moves so he can gain better control over it.

Preschool Sensory Activities

Must-Try Preschool Sensory Activities

Preschool Sensory Activities to Try This Week

Each one of these preschool sensory activities are a great way to entertain kids while they explore new and unique things! With fun activities like sensory wall mosaic art, glitter galaxy slime, giant water beads and so many more, your kids will want to try all of them!

Preschool Sensory Activities


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