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Using Four Season Dot Pictures in Preschool

Dot pictures are fabulous practice for your preschooler’s fine motor skills.

He can color his way to learning about shapes, images, seasons, and more!

How to Use Dot Pictures with Preschoolers

How to Complete Dot Pictures in Preschool

Dot pictures are a great preschool activity because they age with the child.

If your child is not ready to hold a crayon or marker, he can still complete a dot picture using another tool.

Here are some ideas:

  • Color the dot with a crayon or marker
  • Use paint dotters to fill in the circle
  • Place glass gems on the circle (you can then complete the sheet again and again)
  • Place pompoms, cottonballs, or circular cereal on the circles
  • Roll out balls of playdough and squish them on the dot (you may want to slide the page into a plastic page protector first)

The Benefits of Four Season Dot Pictures

There are many benefits to incorporating these seasonal dot pictures into your homeschool preschool:

Learn About the Seasons

Preschoolers will learn about images and the seasons as they work through this set of Four Seasons Dot Pictures.

Engage Your Child

These dot pictures are so adorable, and there are so many ways to complete them, that children will love working on a dot picture.

He can hang them up or give them as gifts when he’s finished.

Ideal for Unit Study

Since they are seasonally themed, dot pictures are perfect for a unit study on seasons (or for spreading throughout the year).

Handwriting Practice

When your child colors the dot pictures, he works on counterclockwise circles (the basic stroke for a, c, d, e, g, o, and q) and clockwise circles (the foundation for the letters b and p).

Encourage him to color the dots by swirling clockwise and counter-clockwise circles.

Works for All Ages of Preschool

Since you can complete these pictures in so many ways, from placing manipulatives on the dots or coloring by hand, they work for preschoolers of all ages.

How to Use Dot Pictures with Preschoolers

Where to Get Four Seasons Dot Pictures

Are you ready to use the Four Seasons Dot Pictures with your preschooler?

Here’s how to get started:

1 – Simply hop over to the Homeschooling Preschool Store to get your pack of Four Seasons Dot Pictures.

2 – Click to download and print.

3 – Decide how you want to use them. Gather your materials (whether that is playdough, paint dotters, crayons, etc.).

4 – Give your child a seasonal picture to start today! (My personal favorites are the mug of cocoa with marshmallows, the rainbow, and the watermelon.)

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