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Books About Emotions and Feelings for Preschoolers

Introducing social-emotional learning to your preschooler?

Start by exploring these books about emotions and feelings for preschoolers.  

Books About Emotions and Feelings for Preschoolers

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As people, we experience many emotions throughout the day that cause our bodies to react. 

Things like racing hearts, sweaty palms, or butterflies in the tummy are feelings that can be a bit confusing no matter how old you are.  

Sharing stories with young minds about emotions can help little ones learn to recognize, identify, and cope with different feelings. 

By giving preschoolers the tools to better understand and manage their emotions and feelings, they will be able to better express themselves and help others do the same.

Here are some of our favorite books about emotions and feelings to read with preschoolers. 

Books About Emotions and Feelings for Preschoolers

Teach Preschoolers About Emotions and Feelings with Books

The Color Monster: A Pop-Up Book of Feelings by Anna Llenas

Gently encourage children to open up to adults about their feelings with the help of this incredible read.  With big and bold images and an interactive storyline, preschoolers can show how much of an emotion (sadness, anger, fear, calm, happiness) they are feeling.  

Feelings Ninja by Mary Nhin

Help children identify feelings of sadness, anger, and anxiety with this interesting tale. 

It provides wonderful lessons and offers coping strategies for young learners.  

Kindness Makes Me Stronger by Elizabeth Cole

This colorful picture book is a great way to teach preschoolers about the power of kindness. 

They will also be introduced to the feelings of empathy and compassion with this book.

Books About Emotions and Feelings for Preschoolers

Right Now, I Am Brave by Dr. Daniela Owen

Teach young minds about feelings of fear and bravery by sharing this book with them. 

It’s a great tool to use when talking about new things that might seem scary.

My Magical Feelings by Becky Cummings

Show children the many types of emotions with this superb read. 

Learning that all feelings are okay to experience, children will grow a better understanding of emotion.  

When I Get Upset by Michael Gordon

Explore feelings of sadness and help little ones learn how to cope. 

This book is a great tool for teaching easy managing mechanisms in a way that young minds can comprehend.

My Body Sends a Signal by Natalia Maguire 

With a lot of different emotions covered in this book, preschoolers will be able to expand on their emotional vocabulary. 

This is a magnificent book for teaching kids new words, as well as how to express feelings in an appropriate way.  

Books About Emotions and Feelings for Preschoolers

The Feelings Activity Book for Children by Diane Romo

Teach little ones to identify, understand, and manage feelings by building skills through a variety of activities. 

This book is a great tool to guide young learners in emotional understanding.  

Breathe Like a Bear by Kira Willey

Encourage preschoolers to practice mindfulness. 

This collection of mindful practices will help children learn how to feel calm and focused with their thoughts.   

The Pigeon & The Peacock by Jennifer L. Trace

Introduce feelings of courage and jealousy in this heartwarming read about friendship. 

Readers will touch on emotions related to social issues, bullying, and group identification.  

Books About Emotions and Feelings for Preschoolers

Preschool Books About Emotions and Feelings

From feeling happy or sad to angry or jealous, children need to be able to learn how to express themselves and manage their emotions. 

With the help of a few good books, little minds will begin to understand more about feelings and emotions. 

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