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What Age to Start Homeschool Preschool

A child starts learning the moment they are born.

From discovering their hands and feet to learning first words, learning is always happening.

Walking, talking, playing with their toys, and communicating with you and others, it’s a learning journey from the very start.

However, many of us associate learning with education and deciding what age to start homeschooling preschool can often be a question you ask yourself.

So what is the ideal age? 

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The Right Age to Start Homeschool Preschool

In total honesty, your child is the best indication as to when to start homeschool preschool.

Some start from the age of 2 and focus on some of the things a 2-year-old should be learning.

Others wait for PreK or the age of four, and some parents even wait until first grade.

But you know your child best.

It should be a natural progression into homeschool when you think they are ready.

However, if you are undecided, here are a few things to consider. 

Do You Have Older Kids Currently Homeschooling?

You might find that your little one is picking up on things as they are around you while you’re homeschooling their siblings.

For example, they may be able to identify the color of their shirt without ever being taught what colors are which.

Sometimes it is easier to start younger if your child is showing an interest and they are around siblings also learning.

However, be mindful that the school day won’t be as long for younger children. 

What Age to Start Homeschool Preschool

Are They Showing an Interest?

You may find that the common age to begin homeschooling your preschooler is around age 4.

However, as we have already mentioned they are always learning.

This might just be the age where you learn specific things and add a little more structure to their education.

Reading and workbooks are great tools to use at this age, however, learning through play will always be one of your greatest assets at this age. 

Learning Through Play

Even though your preschooler may be as young as two, you can always encourage learning through play.

This might be developing their fine motor skills with crafts or games or it might be sounds and recognizing letters through puzzles and flashcards.

Even though you might not be homeschooling in a structured manner, homeschooling will have already naturally begun.

Children can stay more in tune and focused when they are having fun so play should always be encouraged.

They tend to pick up things far quicker.

Learning through play will be a great way to begin homeschooling. 

What Age to Start Homeschool Preschool

Don’t Forget 

While it may be worth thinking about your homeschool plan for the future and giving your child the best possible start on their education and learning journey, remember to take into account how your child reacts.

There will be some eager learners out there but equally, you may find that at a younger age, your child might be more defiant against learning.

This is why the play element can be so useful.

Your child will indicate to you when they are ready through absorbing knowledge from games and expressing an interest by asking questions.

Take your cue from your little one. 


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