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Outside Activities with Toddlers

Outside activities with toddlers can be fun and easy!

Here’s how!

Getting outside is so important for your child.

The fresh air and space can help with their mental health and wellbeing.

It also allows you to enjoy some time outside of the home where things can feel overwhelming with a toddler.

However, getting outside is one thing, but what sort of activities can you do?

Below are some great outdoor activities with toddlers for you to try. 

So put on your old sneakers or rain boots and head outside to learn!

Outside Activities for Toddlers

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Toddler Outdoor Activities

Blowing Bubbles 

A very simple and enjoyable outdoor activity for toddlers is blowing bubbles.

You can mix your own DIY solution or buy some bubbles from the store.

Simply blow the bubbles, watch your toddler chase them, and point at them to pop.

It is a great activity that can often keep them occupied for a while.

They can learn to blow the bubbles themselves, or you can use a bigger bubble wand that requires them to run and allow the air to blow the bubbles for them. 

Building a Fort

Fort building is another simple idea that children love.

Building a fort in the backyard can keep them occupied for a while as they seek out materials to make the fort and get creative.

It also encourages some problem solving as they try and work out how best to create their fort.

Once it is built, they will have hours of fun playing in it. 

Outside Activities for Toddlers

Outdoor Painting 

If your toddler loves a bit of messy crafting, but you don’t like to do it inside your home, then outdoor painting could be the answer.

Outside, they could paint pictures and use their space as inspiration or look for things to paint with, like leaves and sticks.

Another fun painting activity to do outside is to paint rocks and stones.

It is easier to clean up the mess after a painting session outside!

My kids loved getting a giant paintbrush and a bucket of water to paint our backyard fence.

It was a simple activity that kept them happy and busy for a long time.

It also helped build their fine and gross motor skills!

Chalk Drawings

Another fun and creative idea is to use chalk and allow your toddler to draw on your outdoor walls or patio areas.

This can be messy, but there will be minimal clean-up as you can use the hose to wash it off or simply wait for the rain to fall. 

Outside Activities for Toddlers

Enjoy a Picnic

There is something quite exciting about eating outside for your little one, so why not set up a picnic?

You could even bring some of their toys outside and set them up with play food, and all enjoy a picnic on the lawn.

This encourages role play and will be a fun outdoor activity to do together.

You can also encourage imaginative play between the toys and talk about the food you are eating, how the weather is, and plans for the afternoon.

Don’t be afraid to use your creative voice when talking like the stuffed animals! 

Mud Pies and Perfumes

If your child likes to get creative, why not encourage them to make some mud pies or perfumes.

Mud pies can be made with different things you find in the yard.

A simple pie tin from the dollar store serves as the perfect container.

To make perfumes, ask your toddler to add some pretty smelling flower petals to a bowl full of water.

It’s DIY glamour in one fun afternoon!


Finally, why not try some gardening with your toddler?

This can feel like a really messy play activity, but your kids will love getting dirty amongst the plants. 

It’s one of our favorite outside activities with toddlers (and older kids too!).

They could even have their own little garden area to plant seeds and watch things grow.

At the same time, they are learning about the life cycle of plants and flowers and what they need. 

Outside Activities for Toddlers

Making the Most of Outside Activities with Toddlers

Getting outside and learning with toddlers may seem intimidating, but they are at a wonderful age where even the simplest things fill them with curiosity.

So head outdoors and see what adventure awaits you and your toddler today! 


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