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Letter H Craft: Horse Activity

Make learning the alphabet fun with this letter H craft. It’s quick and straightforward, making it the perfect short-on-time craft.

Letter H Craft Horse Activity

Make Learning Letters Fun

Learning letters is an essential building block in your little one’s education.

Once she knows letters, she can start to read words, and then the possibilities are endless as to what she can accomplish. What a wonderful thing!

Learning the letters has to be fun to make them stick.

Preschoolers won’t hesitate to tell you they are bored or done with the activity or craft.

This letter H craft is fun and quick.

Since littles can’t sit (or stand) still for an extended period, this horse activity takes that into account.

If you are looking for other ways to make learning the letters fun, try some of these activities to practice the letters or these letter tracing activities.

Letter H Craft Horse Activity

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Materials Needed

  • printable (see below)
  • crayons or markers
  • scissors
  • glue
  • a piece of paper to glue on the letter H craft

Where to Get the Printable

Sign up below to grab the free printable for the letter H craft.

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How to Make the Letter H Craft

1. Print off the free printable.

2. Have your little one color in the letter H and all other pieces but the eye.

3. Encourage your preschooler to trace the letters in the word horse.

Letter H Craft Horse Activity

4. Using the dotted lines as a guide, cut out all the elements and trim off the extra paper on either side of the word ‘horse.’

If possible, have your little one cut out the letter H and any other element they are comfortable cutting. This is excellent cutting practice.

5. Grab the blank paper and place it in portrait orientation (long sides going up and down).

6. Glue the word ‘horse’ on the very bottom of the sheet. Then, glue the letter H in the center of the page.

Letter H Craft Horse Activity

7. Add the head to the top of the right vertical line. Glue on the eye to the middle of the horse’s head, right behind the mouth.

8. Glue the smallest hair piece to the top of the horse’s head, in front of the ears.

9. Attach the longest hair piece to the other side of the right vertical line to make the mane.

10. Lastly, glue the tail to the left vertical line of the letter H craft horse activity.

Letter H Craft Horse Activity

Horse Activity

Whether your little one loves horses, you are doing a farm unit, or your little one is learning the alphabet, this letter H craft horse activity makes the perfect addition. Simply print and get creating.

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