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Preschool Alphabet Tracing Activities

Learning should be fun!

Your little one will love learning his letters with these fun preschool alphabet tracing activities.

Preschool Alphabet Tracing Activities

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Why Use Alphabet Tracing Activities

Practicing writing the alphabet shouldn’t only be with a pencil and paper.

These preschool alphabet tracing activities give your preschooler the practice he needs to remember how to form the letters but makes it fun so that he will want to continue to do it.

There are many different preschool alphabet tracing activities listed so you can try them all and do them a few times if you see fit.

The variety in activity types helps to bring in different sensory experiences.

These sensory experiences are important to helping your preschooler’s brain to form new pathways.

You can use most of these preschool alphabet tracing activities for more than the alphabet.

Shapes, numbers, and names can also be practiced.

Simply use cards with these other items on them and use them as you do the preschool alphabet tracing activities below.

Alphabet Tracing Activities

You will want cards with letters on them or something for your preschooler to look at to know how to form the letters.

The alphabet activity sheets shown below can be used for most of the activities.

Shaving Cream

Place shaving cream on a safe surface (like a baking sheet) and have your preschooler make the letters.

Start with less shaving cream and add more if needed.

If you start with too much your little one won’t be able to see the letter she made.

Have her clear the letter by lightly dragging her fingers back and forth.

You may want a bowl of water and a towel nearby to get off the extra shaving cream.

Preschool Alphabet Tracing Activities

Whipped Cream

A similar process to the shaving cream, but your little one may sneak in a few licks from her fingers after she wrote the letter.

Preschool Alphabet Tracing Activities


Add sand (or salt) to a tray and let your little one create letters.

Lightly shake the tray to clear the letter.

Add a colored sheet to the bottom of the tray to help the letter stand out more.

Preschool Alphabet Tracing Activities

Paint in a Bag

Open a gallon-size zipper top bag and add in a little bit of paint.

Seal the bag and put a white sheet of paper under the bag.

The white paper helps to make the letter that is written stand out more.

Let your little one use her finger to write the letter in a mess-free way.

Preschool Alphabet Tracing Activities

Activity Sheets

Print off the activity sheets and have your little one use her finger, a toy, or a small car to trace the letters.

You can place these activity sheets inside of a sheet protector and use a dry-erase marker to practice holding a writing tool and forming the letter.

These activity sheets have numbers to help your preschooler to know where to start and where to go next to correctly form the letters.
These sheets can be used as guides for the other activities, too!

Grab the tracing sheets here.

Preschool Alphabet Tracing Activities

Tactile (Textured) Flashcards

You can buy tactile flashcards or make your own with some hot glue and household items.

If making your own, find items that have different textures like dry beans, chenille stems, textured card stock, rice, salt, puff paint, hot glue, etc.

Create letters by hot gluing the items onto a flash card or something sturdy like cardstock or cardboard in the shape of the letters.

Let your little one feel the letters to help her understand how the letter is made.

These cards can be lined up to make different words or names, too.

Preschool Alphabet Tracing

There are many different ways to help your little one to practice her letters.

Hopefully, these preschool alphabet tracing activities will bring joy and happiness to your homeschool.

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