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Pop the Letter P Alphabet Game

Your little ones will be POPPING with excitement when they see you blowing up balloons!

This alphabet game is a great way to review letters.

Pop the Letter P Alphabet Game

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Why Play the Alphabet Game

It is FUN!

Learning, especially in the younger years, needs to be fun!

It helps foster a love for learning in your children.

What a wonderful gift to give them!

You can adapt and change this alphabet game to fit the needs of your littles.

Use as many or as few letters as you would like.

Use the letters in their names or random letters as ‘filler’ balloons.

Add in extra challenges at the end (if the littles are up for it).

For example, after popping all of the letter P balloons, have them find the balloons that spell out their names.

If they aren’t able to identify the letters in their full name, then use the beginning letter of their names.

This is an easy way to sneak in extra name spelling practice.

You can put numbers or sight words on them, too!

The sky is the limit!

Pop the Letter P Alphabet Game

Inventive thinking is necessary in order for your littles to pop the balloons.

I didn’t tell my littles how to pop the balloons in our alphabet game.

I let them think about and test out different ways.

Sitting on the balloon may work one time but not all of the times.

This keeps your little ones on their toes (literally) as they are trying to figure out another way to pop the balloon.

Clean-up is necessary afterward.

You are able to sneak in a quick conversation about keeping the Earth clean and picking up items after they are done using them.

Mom hack: bright colored balloons make them easier to find when it comes to picking up.

Your littles will be community helpers when they pick up after themselves when they are done playing this game.

To find more activities that have to do with community helpers, check out our Homeschooling Preschool Curriculum Week 4.

Pop the Letter P Alphabet Game

Items Needed for the Alphabet Game

  • balloons
  • permanent marker
Pop the Letter P Alphabet Game

How to Play the Alphabet Game

1 – Blow up balloons. As many or as few as you would like.

The bigger you blow them up, the easier it will be to pop them.

I stored my balloons in a garbage bag so they weren’t flying all over the living room and they could easily be carried outside.

2 – Using the permanent marker write the letter P on the majority of the balloons.

3 – On a few of the balloon write other letters.

These letters can be random or you can write the beginning letter of your little’s name or the letters in her first name.

4 – Take the balloons to an open space and dump them out.

5 – Have your little one go to the balloons and look for the balloons with the letter P on them.

Have her pop all of the balloons with P written on them.

Your little one may need your help identifying the letter P.

6 – Once all the P balloons are popped, have your little one look at the letters that are left.

Have her tell you the letters.

If you spelled out her name, have her pop them in the order of her name.

For example, for the name Jane she would pop the J balloon, then the A balloon, etc.

7 – Clean up the balloons.

Pop the Letter P Alphabet Game

Alphabet Game

Let your little ones burn off some steam with this fun alphabet game.

Your little ones will be asking to play this game again and again!


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