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Preschool Counting Activities

Help your little ones learn how to count with these easy and fun preschool counting activities!

Your kids will be counting in no time.

15 Counting Activities for Preschool

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Counting Activities in Preschool

Counting happens every day in life.

How many eggs are needed for the recipe?

How many cups of flour are needed?

How long is the wash cycle?

How tall is the block tower?

Numbers are everywhere, and the sooner your preschooler can count, the sooner she can see the importance of numbers in her life.

Kids need a lot of repetition in counting in order for them to start to get the hang of it.

Counting seems like a simple concept to us as adults, but when kids are learning to count orally without using a hands-on activity, it is too abstract for most kids to grasp and understand.

By making counting activities fun in preschool, this helps set the mindset that math is fun!

Math lends itself to hands-on activities to help your preschooler understand math rather than to just ‘do’ math.

This foundation is important for the rest of your preschooler’s academic career.

Do you need elaborate things to help your preschooler learn to count?

Absolutely not.

The counting activities below are great for not only encouraging counting but also helping your preschooler to see and recognize the numbers.

One-to-one correspondence and fine motor skills are also practiced in these preschool counting activities. These activities are quick and easy to pull together with stuff you probably already have around the house– just what a busy mom needs!

What You Need for Counting Fun

Below is a generalized list of items used in the counting activities for preschoolers.

Be sure to check the specific activity for the full list of items needed for that activity.

15 Counting Activities for Preschool

Counting Activities Preschoolers Will Love

Fun Counting Activities for Preschoolers

Help your little ones learn how to count with these easy and fun preschool counting activities! With so many different awesome printables and activities, your kids will be counting to ten, even to twenty before you know it! Plus they will have so much fun doing it they will want to learn more!

15 Counting Activities for Preschool


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