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Using Number Mazes to Teach Number Recognition in Preschool

Be a detective and track a number through number mazes.

Preschool math has never been more fun!

Using Number Mazes to Teach Number Recognition in Preschool

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How to Teach Number Recognition with Number Mazes

One of the major milestones in preschool math is recognizing the numbers 1-10.

You can do this with flashcards or three-dimensional numbers, or you can choose a hands-on activity like Number Mazes that feels more like a game.

In a Number Maze, your preschool learns a number (for example, 6) and then jumps from space to space to find the next 6.

If he tracks all the sixes correctly, he will find his way through the maze.

Number Mazes are a simple way to teach number recognition because your preschooler has a reference number at the top of the page.

If he is ever unsure about which way to go, he can compare the number in the space to the number at the top to see if it is a match.

Using Number Mazes to Teach Number Recognition in Preschool

How to Use Number Mazes

Number Mazes are simple to use.

The first step is to download and print this set of 10 Number Mazes from the Homeschooling Preschool Store.

Then you have 3 options to use the mazes:

1 – Print a maze and have your preschooler color the correct number spaces with a crayon.

2 – Slide the maze into a clear page protector. Then have your preschooler mark the spaces with a dry erase marker.

3 – Use age-appropriate manipulatives to mark the path. (I like the clear glass gems or vase fillers if your child no longer puts items in his mouth.)

Number Mazes obviously help your child practice number recognition.

They also allow her to work on her fine motor skills.

In order to chart her path through the maze, she must coordinate the muscles of the hand with what she sees).

Where to Find Number Mazes

You can get this pack of 10 Number Mazes (one for each number, 1-10) from the Homeschooling Preschool Store.

Simply click and print for some easy and fun preschool math practice!


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