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How to Use Easter Color by Number with Preschoolers

Get out the crayons! It’s time to put art and math together for festive learning fun!

How to Use the Easter Color by Numbers

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The Benefits of Color by Number

Color by Number activity pages are not busy work!

Your preschooler is learning knowledge and skills from this simple activity:

Number Recognition

Learning the numbers 1-10 is a major math goal for preschool.

This activity works great as a review.

It even works as a preview since the child has reference numbers at the top of the page.

Fine Motor Skills Practice

When a child focuses on coloring a specific shape, he uses fine motor coordination (working the small muscles of the hand in sync with visual information).

Coloring is not just coloring; it lays the foundation for neat handwriting.

Color Recognition

These Easter Color by Number activity sheets require the child to identify the color by name.

It’s a wonderful way to learn or review colors.

Spatial Relationships

As your child colors, she will see a picture emerge (adorably Easter-themed).

She can practice her spatial reasoning skills to identify all or part of the picture.

Using Easter Color by Numbers Pictures with Preschoolers

How to Use Color by Number Activity Sheets

So how do you go from worksheet to lesson plan?

Here is how you use Color by Number:

1 – Download and print the activity pages.

This set of Easter-themed Color by Number sheets has twelve pages of coloring fun.

You can use them as an extension activity if your preschooler is ready for review.

You can also use one as a math activity for the day.

2 – Get out a 24 pack (or higher) of crayons since these sheets require “light green” and “light blue” (you know it has to look Easter-y!).

3 – If your preschooler is a confident reader and knows his colors, he can read the crayon key, select the appropriate crayons, and color the key himself.

If your preschooler is not yet ready for that, choose the correct crayons yourself and pull them from the pack.

Then read together the name of the first color.

Have him color in the crayon key and then search for the corresponding numbers on the activity page.

4 – Bit by bit the picture will emerge!

You can choose to color all of one number in one fell swoop, or examine each shape and color it the appropriate color.

Either way works!


How to Get Your Easter Color by Number Activity Pages

The best part of Easter Color by Number?

They are so simple to get and use!

1 – Head to the Homeschooling Preschool Store to find the pack of Easter Color by Number Activity Pages.

2 – Simply click to download and then print.

No color ink required! Your preschooler will provide all the color needed.

3 – You can easily use these activity pages as part of a holiday-themed unit study (or when learning about the seasons).

You know what?

Use them whenever you need a cheerful pick-me-up (I’m looking at you, frigid winter!)

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