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What Are Preschool Busy Boxes and Bags? (And Why They Might Save Your Homeschool)

Homeschooling a preschooler can be tricky.

Whether you are preparing to homeschool grade school-age kids and need something to keep your preschooler occupied, or you are just starting out on your homeschool journey with a preschool-aged child, busy boxes and bags could be a great tool to have at your disposal. 

What are Preschool Busy Boxes and Bags (And Why They Might Save Your Homeschool Preschool)

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But what are they and how can they help you with homeschooling a preschooler?

I wanted to share with you exactly what busy boxes and bags are and how they can help. 

Preschool Busy Boxes and Bags

Preschool busy boxes and bags are something you will have already pre-prepared in advance.

They are filled with things that can keep your little ones occupied that are not electronics.

You can even use them for children who are homeschooling preschool, as well as with children who are not.

They’re super versatile!

Creating busy boxes and bags comes down to you, but they usually promote a specific skill or supplement a subject you might already be learning in your homeschool.

When you put together a busy box or bag, you must have a goal in mind of what you are hoping your child will get from it.

The best busy boxes and bags will involve an element of problem-solving, be open for adaptation and creativity, and be highly tactile and engaging. 

What are Preschool Busy Boxes and Bags (And Why They Might Save Your Homeschool Preschool)

What to Include in Your Preschool Busy Boxes and Bags

There are many things you can include in a busy box or bag for your preschooler.

Here are some suggestions of things that have worked for my students when I was teaching in the classroom, as well as for my own children when we were homeschooling preschool.

  • Playdough
  • Dried pasta
  • Blocks or counters
  • Magnets
  • Puzzles
  • Stickers
  • Crayons or pens (washable is key!)
  • Whiteboard and marker pens
  • Safety scissors and craft materials 
  • Paper
  • Activity sheets
  • Flashcards (grab some free alphabet flashcards here!)
  • Books
  • Small plastic animals
  • Toy cars and cardboard tubes
  • A magnifying lens, a pencil, and a notepad

It is always a good idea to have some intention for your busy box or bag so really think about what your child is working on and ways to help them practice those skills.

Think about the topics you might already be discussing in homeschool or some of the things you want to help your child with.

It might be sight words, letters, number recognition, or particular topics.

What are Preschool Busy Boxes and Bags (And Why They Might Save Your Homeschool Preschool)

How Busy Boxes and Bags Help When Homeschooling Preschool 

When it comes to homeschooling preschool there is a lot of downtime and, more importantly, playtime. Busy boxes and bags can be used as a tool for integrating learning into their play time.

You can also use busy bags and boxes for when you are busy yourself, such as when making dinner or working from home.

It creates an opportunity for independent learning fun.

Busy boxes are also an invitation for kids to learn and try new things.

As a homeschool mom, it can give you great insight into the activities that your preschooler prefers doing.

The more you understand how they learn, the more you can adapt the preschool homeschool activities to suit their needs and interests. 


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