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Books About Recycling for Preschoolers

Discover the best books about recycling for preschoolers!

Inspire little ones to want to make a difference in the world we live in. 

As we know, the simple act of recycling can create a big impact on our environment. 

By teaching preschoolers how much fun and rewarding recycling can be, they will be more likely to engage in small acts of kindness toward our planet.  

Books About Recycling for Preschoolers

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To introduce little ones to waste management and the three R’s (reduce, reuse, recycle), read different types of books with them that are about recycling. 

While you can bring up this subject at any time of the year, consider sharing these types of books to celebrate Earth Day (in April), when children are learning about community helpers, or when the topic of recycling centers is being covered.  

Take a look at some of our top choices for preschool recycling books.

Preschool Recycling Books

The Adventures of an Aluminum Can:  A Story About Recycling by Allison Inches

Take preschoolers on a journey with a very happy aluminum can. 

This unique story explains how recycling works by sharing how the can is created, how it lives, and then how it is recycled into its new life as a baseball bat. 

What Does It Mean to Be Green? by Rana DiOrio

Encourage children to recycle with this fantastic picture book. 

With sweet illustrations, it shows little ones just how easy it can be to make eco-friendly choices.  

Compost Stew: An A to Z Recipe for the Earth by Mary McKenna Siddals

Teach your favorite little ones about the importance of composting and how it benefits our Earth. 

Using an alphabetized story-line with amazing artwork, this book is a great addition to any recycling library.  

Books About Recycling for Preschoolers

Recycling! By Jess Stockham

Help preschoolers learn what can be recycled and how to do it with this fun learning book. 

Young readers will love seeing how the small act of recycling can make a big difference.

Recycling is Fun by Charles Ghigna

Get little ones excited about the recycling process with this simple read. 

Preschoolers will find it easy to grasp the concept of recycling which makes this a wonderful educational tool.  

Why Should I Recycle?  by Jen Green

Filled with good lessons, this book shares the importance of recycling. 

It’s a lovely little story for preschool-age children with clear pictures and engaging text.

Earth Ninja by Mary Nhin

With Earth Ninja by your side, this book shows children how three simple things can help to reduce our carbon footprint. 

It only takes one person to make a difference, and this super fun tale shows just that.  

Books About Recycling for Preschoolers

10 Things I Can Do To Help My World by Melanie Walsh

This awesome book shares the ways that we can all be kinder to our Earth. 

With little reminders of how to help our planet, preschoolers will be able to apply what they learn to their own life.  

The Three R’s:  Reuse, Reduce, Recycle by Nuria Roca

Introduce the concept of waste management to young learners with this educational read. 

With informative text and engaging photos, preschoolers will begin to understand more about recycling.  

Recycle!:  A Handbook for Kids by Gail Gibbons

With pictures, diagrams, and charts, this descriptive book is very informational. 

Covering the ins and outs of recycling, even the youngest of readers will enjoy this introductory guide to waste management.  

Books About Recycling for Preschoolers

Recycling Books for Preschoolers

Teaching kids about the importance of recycling shows how they can make big changes by doing small things. 

Encourage preschoolers to want to make a difference by sharing with them some of these incredible books about recycling!

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