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Setting Up a Homeschool Preschool Room

There is so much that your preschooler can learn and do in a homeschool environment but the tricky thing is setting up a homeschool preschool room.

Setting Up a Homeschool Preschool Room

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What should you think about and what do you need?

Don’t worry!

Here are some of the considerations when setting up a homeschool preschool room to make sure it works for you and your child. 

The Best Homeschool Preschool Room

Main Areas to Consider 

When it comes to setting up a homeschool room one of your main priorities would be to have different areas focusing on specific things.

There are many options to consider but here are some of the main ones:

  • An area for dramatic play – This might be a section of your homeschool room that has fancy dress outfits that will encourage role play.
  • An area for learning – One of the main focuses with preschool is developing fine motor skills so having an area that will focus on pen holding, writing, drawing and the pincer grip is essential. 
  • Science center area – Science is a key subject that will capture the imagination of your preschooler, so you will want to have a space dedicated to experiments and exploration. 
  • Reading nook – Reading is important, so creating a space where there are books and a comfy space to sit and read. 
  • Play area – not all learning is focused on reading and writing. Your preschooler will need some space to play where they can learn different skills. 
  • Calendar area – This will be a space where they can learn days of the week, times, and weather. It is a great way for them to understand what day it is and learn this essential information. 
Setting Up a Homeschool Preschool Room

You may not be able to create all of these areas, and combining some of them might be an option.

But covering the basics is key and separating the areas help your preschooler to understand what is expected of them and when. 

Atmosphere and Environment 

Another factor to consider is the atmosphere and the environment.

You don’t want your homeschool room to appear cluttered with too much going on.

It is also important to ensure that the homeschool room is well ventilated and you can regulate the room temperature.

The last thing you want is for you and your preschooler to feel too hot or too cold.

Feeling comfortable is essential for all of you. 

Setting Up a Homeschool Preschool Room


The last thing to think about is having enough space for your preschooler to explore the different areas in the homeschool room.

You will want to encourage a little bit of routine, but at this age, it is more about exploration and learning different things rather than a rigid curriculum.

Make sure there is enough space for your child to explore the different areas and to play as they would like to.

If you are limited on space try and pick out different areas and make it more flexible to change things up when the mood strikes. 

Homeschooling Room

If you don’t have space for a dedicated homeschool room, a bookshelf or closet if a good place to store your materials.

Then you can bring the tubs or boxes with materials out when you need them.

Above all, your homeschool room should work for you and your family!


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