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Homeschool Preschool Science Topics

When it comes to preschool you may be wondering what topics you could cover if you wanted to put a focus on science.

Homeschool Preschool Science Topics

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There are a few different ideas that will keep the interest of your preschooler while also helping them learn things they need to learn.

Here are some of the science topics you might want to explore in your homeschool preschool lessons.

Science Topics for Preschoolers

Life Cycles

Studying the life cycles of different animals, plants, and insects is a great way to branch out into different science topics.

It’s also an easy way to bring nature into your homeschool preschool.


What child doesn’t love to hear about things exploding?!

A little focus on volcanoes could be a great science topic to discuss.

You don’t have to go into too much detail regarding the rock elements, etc.

as that will be something you can cover as they get older, but you can certainly have fun discussing what happens.

Creating an experiment to show a volcano erupting is also a fun option! 

Homeschool Preschool Science Topics

Liquids and Volume

Another hands-on science topic that you could look at would be liquids and volume.

Examine how oil sits on top of the water, how ice melts, or what happens when you heat up certain liquids.

This is a great subject to consider if you were looking at hands-on experiments that they can physically look at.

You can also link it to math. 


At this age, you can start to discuss the concept of weather.

Discuss the seasons, different weather elements, and also trickier concepts such as rain and clouds.

As your child can physically see the ever-changing weather, it can be an easy scientific concept to discuss. 

Homeschool Preschool Science Topics

Earth and Space

Space is a fascinating subject for homeschool and while you may go into much more detail as they get older, right now at this age you can focus on our planet, Earth.

You can learn about different land types, the sea, the fact the earth is round and moves around the sun, etc. 

Body Parts & Senses

A fun topic of conversation around science with your preschooler is to discuss body parts and the function of certain parts of your body.

You can talk about the digestive system and the impact of the foods you eat.

Your heart, your lungs, your muscles in your body.

As they get older they will look at this subject in more detail but for now, you can talk about the basics. 

Relating the senses to body parts is also an easy way to add more science into your homeschool preschool lessons.

Homeschool Preschool Science Topics

Kitchen Science 

Cooking or baking together is always going to be a great option for you and your little ones for homeschool science!

Bring in cooking basics to discuss scientific facts.

For example, physical and chemical changes can be seen when things are cooked.

You could also cook recipes and leave out key ingredients and see how those ingredients help with the cooking processes such as the rise in cakes or the taste in cookies.

At this age, a hands-on approach can be the right direction to take. 

Science ideas for preschoolers do not have to be in-depth, as children are not ready for those topics at this age.

Instead, focus on the basics and expose children to the world and environment around them so that they start making connections.


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