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The Best Homeschool Preschool Board and Card Games

Games are such a great way to engage with your children, and even at preschool age, you will find that children love to get involved.

The Best Homeschool Preschool Board and Card Games

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Board and card games can keep little ones occupied for ages, but which ones are the ideal ones to consider for preschoolers?

Here are some of the best homeschool preschool board and card games. 

Homeschool Preschool Card and Board Games


This is a simple game for little ones and it is all about picture recognition.

You can buy a pack of picture cards that are specifically designed for games like SNAP.

You then each get a pile of cards and take turns placing a card on the pile.

If there is a matching pair one after the other the first person to say “SNAP” wins.

The one with all the cards left at the end is the winner. 

Matching Pairs/Memory

You can use the same pack of cards to play matching pairs.

Simply find a couple of matching pairs, then place them all face down and take turns to pick cards to try and remember where the matching pair might be. 

The Best Homeschool Preschool Board and Card Games


Flashcards are a great game for preschoolers.

You can use them for numbers and recognizing specific words.

They can be a great option to help increase speech and communication as well as a good tool for letter and number recognition. 


This is a classic game that is very easy to set up and play that many preschoolers can be left to play themselves.

It encourages social interaction as well as all the traditional concepts of a board game. 


Dominoes is a timeless game and one that has been around for many years.

It focuses on numbers and math, but there are different versions that you can buy suitable and more appealing to younger children. 

The Best Homeschool Preschool Board and Card Games

Snail’s Pace Race

The simple games are often the ones that keep little ones engaged for the longest.

This one is all about which snail is going to win the race.

It is based on colors, so you roll the dice, and what color comes up, that snail moves.

You can switch the die for a numbered one if you want to add number recognition to the game. 

Alphabet BINGO

BINGO is a classic game, but this upgraded version is great for preschoolers to learn letters.

You play the game and need to recognize the letters in order to complete your card and win the game. 

The Best Homeschool Preschool Board and Card Games

Chutes and Ladders 

There is something about this classic and one of the easy homeschool games that children still love.

The idea is to get to the end of the board game first, but along the way, there are ladders to climb and chutes to slide down.

This is a good game for preschoolers as it is all about moving their counters to the exact amount that the die says.

They then need to understand the concept that they can climb ladders and move further but also can go back spaces as well. 

So, if you’re not sure what games to play with your preschooler, hopefully, this list helps!

What card and board games are your family’s favorites?

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