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Noodle Snake Craft

Enjoy a playful twist on a pasta necklace with this preschool snake craft. Colorful pasta, yarn, and paper make this craft easy to do.

Noodle Snake Craft

Why Make a Preschool Snake Craft

Around Mother’s Day, there seems to be an influx of beautiful pasta necklaces being made.

But why do pasta crafts have to wait until May?

The same skill of threading pasta onto yarn is used to make this preschool snake craft, but instead of a necklace, it is turned into a slithering snake.

Littles get to work and strengthen their fine motor muscles in their hands while making a fun preschool snake craft.

If you have already discussed pattern making, your little one can use the colored pasta to make a pattern on their preschool snake craft.

You may even wish not to attach the tail paper, making the craft so it can be completed over and over with different patterns.

This snake craft is the perfect addition to a unit about snakes, the letter S, or reptiles.

Noodle Snake Craft

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Items Needed

*pasta with a large hole (like rigatoni)



*construction paper




Noodle Snake Craft

Note About the Pasta

We are using pre-colored pasta, so we won’t discuss how to color it.

You may wish to let your little one color the pasta using markers. This can be done before or after the preschool snake craft is completed.

If you choose to do it after, be aware that the head and tail can still rip.

Coloring the pasta with markers can be messy, so be ready if you choose to go that route.

How to Make a Preschool Snake Craft

1. Fold a piece of construction paper in half.

2. Draw a snake head so that the front of the head where the tongue comes out is on the fold.

3. Draw a snake tail so that the tip of the tail is where the fold is.

Noodle Snake Craft

4. Cut out the head and the tail. Be sure not to cut the fold.

5. Grab the yarn and decide how long you want the snake to be. Get twice as long as that. We will double up the yarn to make it stronger (and less likely to break and frustrate everyone).

6. Fold the yarn in half. Tape the two ends together. Try to make a point with the tape by squeezing it as you place it. This will help with stringing the noodles.

Noodle Snake Craft

7. Tape the fold of the yarn inside the snake’s head. You should be able to open the snake’s head and attach it.

8. Let your preschooler string on colorful pasta to the string until it is full.

9. Tape the end of the yarn inside the paper tail.

Noodle Snake Craft

10. Add the eyes to the head of the snake using the marker.

11. Enjoy your preschool snake craft.

Noodle Snake Craft

Pasta Snake Craft

Pasta crafts don’t have to be only for Mother’s Day or Christmas. Let your little one enjoy stringing pasta to yarn and turning it into a slithering snake while you enjoy your coffee while it is still warm (here is to hoping).

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