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Rock Turtle Craft

This tutorial transforms a rock into a cute preschool turtle craft. Plus, you probably already have what you need to make it.

Rock Turtle Craft

When to Make a Rock Turtle Craft

There are a surprising amount of times that learning about turtles and making a preschool turtle craft can fit into your preschool day.

Firstly, wanting to make a rock turtle craft is enough of a reason to do so.

Little ones can use their fine motor muscles to paint the rock and attach the felt.

If all the pieces are traced, little ones can also cut out all of the pieces.

Rock Turtle Craft

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Learn about turtles and the turtle life cycle. Try creating different felt turtle life stages.

Because turtles are reptiles, this craft fits into any reptile unit that you are planning or doing.

Another time to make a rock turtle craft is when discussing endangered species. Most types of sea turtles are endangered.

Lastly, we cannot forget about adding a turtle craft to an ocean unit study.

After all, many types of turtles live in the ocean.

Items Needed


*green felt

*brown paint

*marker or pencil to mark the felt



Rock Turtle Craft

How to Make a Rock Turtle Craft

1. Gather your supplies. This may be an excellent opportunity to go on a nature walk and find a rock perfect for the turtle shell.

2. Lay down old newspaper and let your little one paint the top and sides of the rock brown. This rock will turn into the turtle’s shell.

3. Allow the paint to dry on the rock. While it is drying, you can continue to the next step.

Rock Turtle Craft

4. Use a pencil or marker to draw a head and four flippers on the green felt.

*To get identical flippers, fold the felt in half. Draw one front flipper and one back flipper. Once cut (next step), you will have two identical front flippers and two identical back flippers*

The head is kind of like a slightly stretched-out circle.

The front two flippers are a bit bigger than the back two flippers.

Rock Turtle Craft

5. Cut out the head and four flippers.

*If you are trying the folded felt trick, be sure you are cutting through both layers of felt at the same time*

6. Grab the dried, brown-painted rock and the felt pieces with your glue.

7. Attach the head to the front of the rock. Place glue on the TOP of the part you want to attach to the bottom side of the rock.

The head should be sticking out.

Rock Turtle Craft

8. Grab the front flippers. The arch (a rainbow-type shape) should point in the same direction as the head. Again, glue the top of the end you are attaching to the bottom of the rock.

9. Add the back flippers the same way to the end opposite the head.

10. Enjoy your preschool turtle craft.

Rock Turtle Craft

Preschool Turtle Craft

Make learning about turtles fun with this easy turtle craft. It’s so cute that you may even want to keep it out as a decoration or paperweight.

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