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Crayon Leaf Rubbing Craft

Watch the awe spread across your little one’s face as she tries leaf rubbing.

It’s both fun and great fine motor practice!

Crayon Leaf Rubbing Craft

This article may contain affiliate links to products that may help you when homeschooling preschool.

Why Make a Leaf Rubbing Craft

If you have made a leaf-rubbing craft, you know firsthand its magic.

Watching the leaves mysteriously appear on the page is remarkable.

It’s not all fun and games, though.

There are things that your little one is learning and working on while doing a leaf rubbing craft.

Choosing what leaves to use for this craft and where to put them improves decision-making skills.

Peeling off the labels of the crayons and holding the crayon while rubbing it on the paper works fine motor muscles in the hand.

She will use these muscles to zip up her zipper and hold a pencil to write.

The color choice of the crayons helps with her creativity.

Once the leaf rubbing craft is complete, she will feel proud that she finished.

What a wonderful feeling!

Crayon Leaf Rubbing Craft

This article may contain affiliate links to products that may help you when homeschooling preschool.

Do I Need Special Supplies?

The short answer is no.

Printer paper and old crayons that were stuck in the couch will work!

The slightly longer answer is that printer paper works, but a thinner paper like tracing paper may work a bit better at getting more deals of the leaves you are rubbing.

Crayon Leaf Rubbing Craft

Items Needed

  • leaves (any that are NOT crunchy, brown leaves!)
  • crayons (broken crayons work PERFECT for this because they fit little hands better)
  • paper (tracing paper, printer paper, any thin paper)
Crayon Leaf Rubbing Craft

How to Make a Leaf Rubbing Craft

1. Go on a nature walk around the yard and collect leaves.

Look for ones that are interesting shapes and have a protruding vein on the back.

These will make it easier for the leaf rubbing to work.

2. Peel off the paper labels on all of the crayons.

This is why it’s best to use beat-up old crayons so the brand-new crayons aren’t *naked*.

Hopefully, this will prevent meltdowns from kids who are particular about their crayons. 😉

Crayon Leaf Rubbing Craft

3. Put a leaf flat on the table with the veins facing up.

The bumps on the back of the leaf should be showing.

4. Place a sheet of paper over the leaf.

Feel through the paper to see if the leaf is where you want it on the page.

Crayon Leaf Rubbing Craft

5. Using the crayon on its side, gently push it down and rub it back and forth on top of the paper.

Hold the paper in place with your other hand.

The leaf outline and veins should start to show up.

Crayon Leaf Rubbing Craft

6. Place the leaf in a new spot under the page and repeat the process.

Use a different color to make a colorful picture.


You can place all the leaves down simultaneously (vein side up) and put the paper on top.

Use the sides of the crayons to color all over the page gently.

This will make the leaf rubbing go quicker, but holding the leaves in place while rubbing may be a bit trickier.

Crayon Leaf Rubbing Craft

Crayon Leaf Picture

Leaf rubbing may take a few times, but it is worth it for the astonished faces when the leaf outlines magically appear on the page.

Kids, young and old, will love leaf rubbing!

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