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Shape Scarecrow Craft Fall Activity

Help your little one practice her shapes with this adorable scarecrow craft.

The simple items needed make it perfect for a last-minute craft.

This article may contain affiliate links to products that may help you when homeschooling preschool.

Fall Activities

The crisp air and smell of apples will brighten anyone’s day.

Bring the joy of autumn to your preschooler with fun fall activities.

The possibilities are endless when it comes to pumpkins, apples, and leaves.

Scarecrows are also a sign of fall because they are used as decorations.

Let your little one create her own scarecrow out of paper while reinforcing her shapes.

This article may contain affiliate links to products that may help you when homeschooling preschool.

This scarecrow craft uses simple items like construction paper and glue and can be prepared on the fly making this craft perfect for even the busiest parent.

Let your little one make the scarecrow how she desires.

If her idea doesn’t match what you had in mind, that’s okay.

Letting her do it her way is a great way to build confidence, decision-making, and pride in her work.

Why Do Crafts with Kids

There is more to crafts than keeping kids busy and getting them to be creative, although both of those are true.

When kids do crafts, they build up their self-confidence.

They see that they can complete a task with low risk if something goes wrong.

They (usually) have pride in the end result of the craft because they worked hard on it and persisted through challenges.

Kids work on decision-making by deciding what colors, shapes, and sizes to make items on the scarecrow.

Mistakes like ripping paper or drawing something a bit different than envisioned can happen when crafting.

This is the perfect opportunity for littles to see that it is okay to make mistakes and to keep trying despite the mistake.

Fine motor skills are worked on while doing crafts.

Building strong hand muscles is essential so your little one can use her hands to zip up her coat, hold a pencil, and tie her shoe.

What You Will Need

How to Make a Scarecrow Craft

Before you start the craft, you may want to show your preschooler pictures of scarecrows to help remind her what she will be making.

1. Choose what colors of construction paper to use for the scarecrow craft.

2. Cut out different-sized shapes from the construction paper.

Focus on basic shapes (circle, square, triangle, rectangle) to reinforce the shape name with your preschooler.

3. Let your little one choose the shapes to make the scarecrow craft.

Talk about what shapes might work best for each body part.

4. We used a triangle for the hat, a square for the head, a circle for the eyes, a triangle for the nose, rectangles for the arms, legs, and hair, and a bigger square for the body.

5. Once the shapes are arranged on the printer paper, glue them into place.

You could glue as you go, but if your little one is particular (or indecisive), you may want to wait to avoid tears and ripped paper because that isn’t the shape she wanted to use 🙂

6. Draw a smile on your scarecrow craft.

Add the vertical lines on the smile to give it a stitched look.

Scarecrow Craft

Making this scarecrow craft is fun and easy to do.

Your little one will love choosing what color, shape, and size to make different parts of her scarecrow craft.

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