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Leaf Collage Craft

Leaves are starting to turn colors and to fall.

Take advantage of the beautiful leaves by having your little ones make this easy leaf craft!

Leaf Collage Craft

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Why Make a Leaf Collage

There is something fun and exciting about each season.

Help your preschooler to notice the beauty in fall by drawing his attention to the changing leaves.

While on a nature walk he can pick out his favorite leaves to make an easy leaf craft.

This craft is part of our Homeschooling Preschool Curriculum Week 6 which is all about Fall!

Check out our curriculum for more books and activities about fall.

Shapes and colors naturally come up when talking about leaves, especially in the fall.

Different tree types make different leaf shapes.

This leaf craft offers a great opportunity for your little one to compare what leaves look like and why leaves look different.

You can sneak in a lesson about how all living things change which is what we can see when the leaves on the trees change colors and fall.

Leaf Collage Craft

Creativity can be used in an approachable way.

Your preschooler won’t be overwhelmed with this leaf craft because it isn’t too involved.

He can work on being creative and making a craft on his own by choosing the leaves, the color of the paper, and where he puts each leaf.

If he wants to scatter them across the paper, he can.

If he wants to make the leaves into something, like a circle or even a leaf person, he can do that too.

Your little one will get to practice spatial awareness when choosing where to put each leaf.

If he chooses all large leaves he won’t be able to fit as many on the sheet.

Before gluing them down, you can count how many leaves fit on the paper.

Show on another paper how more leaves fit because they are smaller or closer together.

Items Needed to Make Leaf Craft

  • construction paper, printer paper, or cardstock
  • leaves
  • glue (liquid glue holds the leaves better)
Leaf Collage Craft

How to Make a Leaf Collage Craft

1 – Go on a nature walk (or send your little one out to the yard with a bucket).

Have your little one pick up leaves that have fallen.

Encourage him to pick leaves that are of different shapes, sizes, and colors.

2 – Have your preschooler pick out a sheet of construction paper.

You can also use cardstock or printer paper.

3 – Your little one should arrange the leaves on the paper.

Have him count how many leaves he fit onto the paper.

Show on another sheet that different size leaves or putting the leaves closer or farther away will change how many leaves fit on the paper.

4 – Once your little one has the leaves how he likes, have him glue the leaves to the paper.

If using liquid glue you can remind him that he needs “just a dot, not a lot” on a few different places on the leaf to help glue it down.

5 – Let dry then hang up your leaf craft to enjoy for the whole fall season.

Leaf Collage Craft

Leaf Craft

Enjoy going outside with your little one to go on a nature walk.

Collect some leaves and make a beautiful leaf craft you can display all season.


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