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7 Ideas for Teaching Months of the Year to Preschoolers

Help teach months of the year with these fun activities.

Your little ones are sure to enjoy trying out these ideas to help them learn.

How to Teach Months of the Year

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Why Teach Months of the Year

Help your preschooler start to understand seasons, time, and holidays by first teaching him the months of the year.

When you teach months of the year, you are helping your little one to see that time is split up into groups called months.

Birthdays, holidays, and seasons are exciting for preschoolers.

When you teach months of the year in your homeschool, you can show when certain things (like their birthday!) happen.

This builds enthusiasm and helps your preschooler see that our calendar is a cycle.

Ideas to Help Teach Months of the Year

Sing Months of the Year Song

Preschoolers (and adults) respond well to songs.

Our brains can remember things easier when they are put to a tune.

There are many different versions of the months of the year song.

Find one you like and use it daily.

You can even do the Macarena as you sing the months of the year song!

Each month is a different movement (stick the first arm out for January, stick the second arm out for February, flip the first arm over for March, etc.).

Color a Calendar

What a fun way to bring the calendar to life for your little one as you teach months of the year.

He can choose to make their own pictures or color the ones that are provided.

Your preschooler will love looking at his work all year!

Calendar Freebie found in our Freebie Library.

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How to Teach Months of the Year - Coloring Calendar

Do Daily Calendar Together

Repetition is key when it comes to helping your little one learn something.

When you do calendar daily, it helps your little one to see how a calendar works and that the month is longer than just one day.

You can sneak in counting practice into your homeschool routine by counting the days you have already completed that month.

If something exciting is happening that month, you can count down to that day, too!

Make Each Month Fun

Make a big deal out of the first of each month.

This will help your little one to see the old month has ended and that it is time to switch the calendar to a new month.

You could have a New Year’s Party for January, make valentines for February, etc.

You may find it beneficial to see what national days happen each month to help you decide what to do to celebrate the beginning of the month.

Create Sequencing Sticks

Write the name of each month on a different popsicle stick.

Use a marker to color the ends of the sticks so that the months that are in the same season have the same color at the end.

For example, December, January, and February will have blue on the end of the sticks.

March, April, and May will have pink on the end of the sticks.

June, July, and August would have yellow, and September, October, and November would have brown.

Have your little one practice putting the months in order.

The colors on the end of the stick will help him to know what months are grouped together.

If your little one knows letter sounds, this is a great way to have him look at the beginning letter of the month to guess what month it is.

How to Teach Months of the Year

Month of the Year Paper Chain

Cut paper into strips.

Write each month on a different strip of paper.

Have your little one draw a picture of something that represents that month (snowflake for January, heart for February, etc.).

Loop the strips together to make a month of the year paper chain.

You can refer to the chain as you teach months of the year.

Month Hopscotch

Make a hopscotch board but replace the numbers in the boxes with the months of the year.

Have your little one say the month that is written in the box as he jumps on it.

Teach Months of the Year

When it comes time to teach months of the year to your littles, it doens’t have to be boring.

Bring their learning to life with these entertaining ideas.


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