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Books About Polar Bears for Preschoolers

Explore these amazing books about polar bears for preschoolers!

Your little one is sure to love learning about these wonderful creatures!

polar bear books for preschoolers

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Arctic animals are truly fascinating, and polar bears are no exception! 

Help preschoolers take a closer look at these incredible cold-weather creatures by sharing books with them!

Polar bear books are a great way to engage and educate even the youngest of learners. 

Books about polar bears can be shared with little ones at any time throughout the year.

Consider reading polar bear books with preschoolers during the winter months, for a unit about animals, or at the same time as an Arctic lesson plan. 

From fictitious stories to fact-based reads, books about polar bears are essential to have in a homeschool library. 

Bring Arctic animals into your preschool classroom with these incredible polar bear books!

polar bear books for preschoolers

Preschool Polar Bear Books

The Polar Bear by Jenni Desmond

Amaze young learners with this educational read about polar bears.

With accurate facts and outstanding illustrations, this picture book is made for preschool. 

Little Polar Bear by Hans de Beer

Go on an incredible adventure with an awesome polar bear named Lars. 

This gentle story about kindness and love will captivate young students.

Where Do Polar Bears Live? by Sarah L. Thomson 

Discover the Arctic with this fact-based book.

Filled with beautiful artwork and informational text, this preschool read is a must-have for a homeschool classroom.

Polar Bear Romp! by Beatrice Costmagna 

Make a new friend and practice kindness with this sweet polar bear book. 

Full of fun, this interactive tale is wonderful for little learners. 

Polar Bears by Mark Newman

Learn all about polar bears with this fantastic book. 

Factual information matched with realistic photography easily brings the life of the Arctic into any classroom.

Hush Little Polar Bear by Jeff Mack 

Explore all the magical places that a cuddly polar bear will go. 

The lovely illustrations paired with the rhyming text make this book perfect for preschool.

polar bear books for preschoolers

Polar Bears by Gail Gibbons

Take a glimpse into the real lives of polar bears with this fact-filled book. 

Packed with fun information, this read is an exciting educational tool for young students. 

Are You a Polar Bear? by Andrew Gabriel 

Set out on an incredible journey with an adorable baby polar bear. 

Little ones can easily follow this simple storyline, making it a fun circle time read.

Polar Bear Island by Lindsay Bonilla 

Join a fun-loving penguin as he tries to make friends with the polar bears. 

This playful tale will delight children while sharing a gentle message of inclusivity at the same time.

If I Knew A Polar Bear by Karen Sutula

Meet a polar bear and his friends in this cheerful book. 

Children will find the poetic verse and charming illustrations fun and fascinating.

polar bear books for preschoolers

Polar Bear Books for Children

Bring polar bears into the classroom with this amazing collection of polar bear books for children. 

From fiction to nonfiction, these exciting stories are perfect for sharing during circle time or a lesson plan. 

Gather your favorites, and keep them in your homeschool book basket for your little ones to explore!

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