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5 Fun Ways to Teach Kids about Insects

Amazing crawlers are all around.

Help teach kids about insects with these amazing hands-on activities for preschoolers.

5 Fun Ways to Teach Kids About Insects

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Why Teach Kids about Insects

Despite if you love insects or not, there is no denying that insects play an important role in our ecosystem.

When we teach kids about insects when they are young, they learn from an early age that even tiny members of the ecosystem play a huge role.

From pollinators to decomposers, all insects play a role.

Kids are curious!

If your little ones have spent time outside they have probably noticed insects, especially if they are playing in the dirt.

Help foster your kids’ curiosity by teaching your kids about insects.

When kids are given a chance to observe insects, they can see how insects move.

Your littles will start comparing and contrasting how the insects move and how they look without even thinking about it.

They may even start mimicking what the insect does.

This helps to build gross motor skills (the use of large muscles and having control of their bodies).

Insects have unique life cycles.

When you teach kids about insects you can easily jump to teaching about life cycles.

The life cycles of insects are vastly different than that of humans or other mammals which is intriguing to preschoolers.

5 Fun Ways to Teach Kids About Insects

Activities to Teach Kids about Insects

Insect Dramatic Play

Let your little one become an entomologist by setting up an insect dramatic play area.

Dollar stores have plastic insects that would be a great addition to your dramatic play area.

A magnifying glass and a bug identification chart can help your budding entomologist identify insects.

Go on Nature Walks

What better place to teach kids about insects than in the insects’ natural habitats?

Take a nature walk and go on a bug hunt.

Look under logs or leaves for some creepy crawlers.

See if you can find five different insects.

You may want to take pictures so you can identify the insects when you get home.

5 Fun Ways to Teach Kids About Insects

Learn Insect Facts

You probably knew that insects have six legs but did you know that insects have ears in random places?

Check out this great blog post from Mama Teaches to help your preschooler learn more awesome facts about insects.

Make Insect Crafts

Pick an insect and make a craft of that insect.

Many of the crafts require minimal items that you most likely already have on hand.

Your little one can name the body parts of the insect as you do the craft.

We have a list of Insect Crafts for Kids to help get you started.

Build an Insect House

Encourage insects to take up residence near you by building an insect house.

Use items that you already have at home to help reuse items and help your local ecosystem.

5 Fun Ways to Teach Kids About Insects

Teach Kids about Insects

Help teach kids about insects and their amazing superpowers with these hands-on ideas.

There are ideas for both insect lovers and people who are a bit more hands-off when it comes to insects.


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