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Beach Ball Color Craft

Have a BALL learning about colors as you create this adorable beach ball craft.

Your little one is sure to enjoy making new colors!

Beach Ball Color Craft

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Why Teach About the Beach

Many kids are fascinated by water.

There is something mysterious about not knowing what is in the water that sparks kids’ interest.

Feed into that interest by teaching your kids about the beach and doing a beach craft.

Not only is it a great opportunity to talk about what is in the water, but it is also a great time to talk about water safety.

Beach Ball Color Craft

Preschoolers are familiar with land and the different animals that are found on the land.

The beach has animals both on the land living in the sand and it has animals in the water.

Talking about what places different animals live helps your preschooler to reason and to critically think.

Point out how the feet are shaped differently on land animals than on animals that live in the ocean.

Water is all around us and there can’t be more water made.

Teaching your kids that water is valuable and that it needs to be taken care of is an important part of making sure that there is clean water for the future.

This beach ball color craft is a great addition to your teaching about the beach.

You can tie in that the beach isn’t only the place where animals live.

It is also a place many people like to go to play and relax and it is full of different colored things!

If you are looking for more ideas of what to include in your lessons about the beach, be sure to check out our Homeschooling Preschool Curriculum Week 38: The Beach!

Then you can pretend you are on a beach and relax 🙂

Beach Ball Color Craft

Why Teach About Colors

Knowing colors is an important part of everyday life.

There are colors all around us that give us clues as to what is going on.

Red means stop or danger and green means go.

Having your preschooler know this will help her to navigate our world.

Identifying colors helps your little one be able to describe different things.

This boosts her confidence because you are able to understand what she is talking about.

Mixing colors is not only exciting for your preschooler but it is a great way to have her practice making predictions and then finding out if her prediction was correct.

While doing this beach craft, have her guess what color will be made with the primary colors before mixing them.

Then have her see if she was correct after she mixes the colors together.

Items Needed

  • Printable from the freebie library (found here)
  • paper- cardstock if painting
  • paint, crayons, or markers
Beach Ball Color Craft

How to Make the Beach Ball Craft

  1. Sign up for the freebie library (it’s FREE)– do that here
  2. Print the Beach Ball Color Craft Template. Print on cardstock if you are painting.
  3. Find the labels on the beach ball. They go in rainbow order (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple).
  4. Start by having your preschooler trace the triangle for red with her finger. This helps her to see the space she needs to color in.
  5. Outline the triangle labeled ‘red’ with red paint (or crayons or markers). Have your preschooler fill in the triangle with the red paint (or crayons or markers).
  6. Move on to the yellow section. Have your preschooler trace the triangle with her finger and outline the triangle with yellow.
  7. Allow your preschooler to fill in the yellow triangle.
  8. Move on to the blue section. Repeat having her trace the triangle, outline the triangle, and have her fill it in.
  9. Talk about how red, yellow, and blue are all primary colors. This means that they cannot be made by mixing together other colors. Next she will be making secondary colors by mixing together colors.
  10. If using markers or crayon — talk about how red and yellow squish together to make orange. Have your preschooler fill in the triangle orange.
    If using paint– put a dot of red paint and a dot of yellow paint on top of each other. Have your preschooler slowly swirl them together to make orange. Fill in the triangle with the orange that was made.
  11. Repeat step 10 by mixing yellow and blue to make green.
  12. Repeat step 10 by mixing blue and red to make purple.
  13. Cut out the beach ball and hang it up as decoration or as a reminder to your preschooler how certain colors are made.
Beach Ball Color Craft

Beach Ball Craft

Your preschooler will enjoy mixing colors together to make new colors in this beach ball color craft.

By making this beach craft hands-on and visual, your preschooler is more likely to remember how colors are made.


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