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First Day of Preschool Activities

Stuck on how to ease into the school year with your preschooler?

Look no further than this list of first day of preschool activities.

First Day of Preschool Activities

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First Day of School

Are you excited to begin your homeschooling journey but need ideas of things to do on your first day?

Look no further!

The first day can seem intimidating, but remember, you are in charge!

Keep in mind that what works for one family doesn’t work for all families.

Gather a list of the first day of preschool activities but don’t be afraid to make your own, too.

Think about what your preschooler loves to do in her free time and build off of that.

Does she run away when you mention coloring?

Avoid a full-page coloring activity.

Does she love putting stickers on things?

Use stickers to help her decorate her name tag.

Remember that school should be fun!

Preschoolers aren’t built to sit at a table all day.

If you already have a morning routine, build your first day of school off of that.

Some people buy new items like crayons, scissors, books, and clothes to use for the new school year to bring an exciting element.

As always, it’s up to you to decide what will work best for your family.

First Day of Preschool Activities

First Day of Preschool Activities

Make a Special Breakfast

Pop some cinnamon rolls into the oven and pour the orange juice.

Help your little one to see that the first day of school is worth celebrating!

Some families have a tradition of getting donuts for breakfast.

No cooking involved sounds like my kind of tradition!

Read a First Day of School Book

There is a book many families read called, This Is My Home, This is My School.

It is a picture book about homeschooling.

This is a gentle way to talk with your little one about homeschooling.

Complete a First Day of School Handprint Activity

This first day of preschool activity will help you to remember just how little your kid’s hands were when you started your homeschooling journey together.

First Day of Preschool Activities

Take a First Day of Preschool Picture

You’ll want to look back and see not only the educational growth but also the physical transformation that happens during the preschool year.

Check out these funny first day of homeschool picture ideas!

Decorate a Name Tag

Have your little one use stickers to decorate a name tag.

You may want to have her put the stickers on the rectangular sheet of paper and then write her name after so that the stickers don’t cover her name.

The name tag can be used to help her write her name throughout your homeschool year.

It can also be referenced when she is building her name with letter tiles.

First Day of Preschool Activities

Complete a First Day of Preschool Questionnaire

Read the questions to your little one and write down her answers.

You can then complete one at the end of the year and compare.

Have her write her name, even if it is scribbles, on the back so you can compare the beginning of the year to the end of the year.

Draw a Self-portrait

If you end up doing a first day of school questionnaire, this can be completed on the back then have her write her name.

This way all of the first day of school data is in one place.

Less chance of losing it, fingers crossed.

Go to the Playground

Playgrounds are much less crowded now that most of the kids are back in school.

What a great way to end your first day of preschool!

This is sure to be a favorite of your first day of preschool activities!

First Day of Preschool Activities

Activities for the First Day of Preschool

The first day of preschool is quickly approaching.

Try out some of these first day of preschool activities to make the first day one that you and your little one will remember forever.


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