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10+ Hands-On Preschool Science Activities

Finding fun age-appropriate science activities for your preschooler can be difficult.

We’ve compiled a list to help you bring on the fun.

10 Hands-on Preschool Science Activities

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10+ Hands-On Preschool Science Activities

Science is a topic that lends itself to being hands-on.

There are also online science curriculum options that can help if the subject feels too overwhelming though.

Introducing kids early to science and experimenting is a great way to spark curiosity and lifelong learning.

Let these hands-on preschool science activities inspire your little learner.

Plate Tectonics

Study plate tectonics with this fun graham cracker experiment.

You’ll need graham crackers, icing, food coloring, and lots of paper towels to clean up afterwards!

Check out the complete directions for this experiment HERE.

Grow a Bean

Plant a bean and watch it grow!

This fun science experiment gives little learners a first-hand look at how a plant grows.

Get the supply list and the complete directions HERE!

Ice Cream in a Bag

Explore the chemical reactions that occur when you make ice cream in a bag!

This easy and fun experiment is perfect for summer months (July is National Ice Cream Month!), but works equally as well any other time of year.

Grab the complete directions and the supply list HERE.

Invisible Ink

Become a spy with the help of this invisible ink science experiment!

It’s a fun way to let preschoolers explore chemical changes and write a secret message to their family or friends!

The supplies and directions to complete the activity are HERE.

Make a Skittles Rainbow

On a white plate, place Skittles in a circle around the edge.

Have an adult pour hot water into the center of the plate.

Watch as the colors spread from the outside of the Skittles towards the center of the plate creating a rainbow.

Not only is this a hands-on preschool science activity, but it is also a great fine motor activity!

Magic Milk Experiment

In a shallow bowl add milk and mix in a few drops of food coloring.

In a second bowl, add in a small amount of dish soap.

Using a cotton swab, dip the end in the dish soap and then touch the cotton swab into the milk.

Watch as the milk magically changes.

10 Hands-on Preschool Science Activities

Colorful Flower Experiment

Gather white flowers (like carnations).

Set up a few different cups with water and about 10 drops of food coloring in the water.

Place a flower in each cup.

Watch as the flower slowly changes colors.

This experiment is great for teaching patience 😉

Dancing Raisins

Pour club soda or lemonade into a glass.

Have your preschooler add in some raisins.

Watch as the raisins dance in the cup.

Play Sink or Float

Have your preschooler pick out some toys that are safe to go in the water.

Fill up a bowl, the bath, or a sink with water.

Have your preschooler say if he thinks the toy will float or sink.

Then have him drop in the toy to see if he was correct.

For an extra WOW, have him place an orange in the water (with the skin still on).

Take the orange out, peel it, then place the orange back in the water.

The air in the peel makes the orange float.

Once the peel is removed, there aren’t air pockets to make the orange float.

10 Hands-on Preschool Science Activities

Will it Dissolve in Water?

Fill a few different glasses with water.

Have your little one add a spoonful of sugar to one, a spoonful of salt to another, and a spoonful of flour to a third cup.

Have them look and see if they can see the item they mixed in piled up on the bottom or in clumps.

If not, it is dissolved!

If you want to extend this activity, have your little one add more of the item to the cup or try other things to dissolve in the water.

Grow Your Own Rainbow

Grab a paper towel and cut off about 1/3 of it.

This makes the towel shorter so it is easier for the rainbow to travel across the towel.

Fold the paper towel in half the long way.

Using washable markers, color rectangular blocks of colors on each end to make a rainbow (red rectangle, orange rectangle above the red, yellow above the orange… etc.) to fill up the short end of the paper towel.

Complete this on both of the short ends of the paper towel making sure to put a lot of color in each rectangle.

Using two glasses of water, place one end in a glass.

Put the other end in another glass of water.

You only want the end of the paper towel touching the water (not fully submerged).

Leave the paper towel in the water for about 10 minutes and watch the rainbow connect.

10 Hands-on Preschool Science Activities

Will it Melt?

Fill a muffin tin with different items like chocolate, a crayon, an ice cube, a toy, a coin, etc.

Place the full muffin tin in the sun and check back in a few hours to see what melted and what did not.

Experiment with Gravity and Friction

Put your slide to use for a hands-on preschool science activity.

Choose some things to roll down the slide like different size balls, toy cars, etc.

How does the speed of the item change depending on the weight or size of the item?

Add a towel to the slide and then try to roll the items down the slide again.

How did the towel change how quickly the items rolled down the slide?

Find out What is Magnetic

Grab a magnet and some toys (or let your little one walk around the house or the playground).

Use the magnet to find out what is magnetic and what is not.

Talk about a hands-on preschool science activity!

** Keep magnets away from electronics **

10 Hands-on Preschool Science Activities

Hands- On Preschool Science

Preschoolers are meant to be moving and engaged in their learning.

Hopefully, these hands-on preschool science activities have inspired you to try something new with your little one.


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