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Counting Bracelet for Preschoolers

Learning to count is an important skill for little ones.

Help your little one to have a counting tool handy with this cute counting craft.

Counting Bracelet for Preschoolers

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Why Make A Counting Bracelet

Preschoolers are very tactile people.

They want to touch everything!

Use this to your advantage while you are teaching your little one to count.

After making the counting craft, have your little one practice counting with it.

Each time he says a number he slides a bead over.

This helps to put his hands to use and slows his counting down making it more meaningful.

While making this counting craft, your little one will get to pick and count out how beads for his bracelet.

After choosing the beads, he will could the beads again as he is placing the beads onto the chenille stem.

Once he is finished, he is able to wear the bracelet and move the beads around as he counts them.

He can even give away his bracelet as a gift!

It takes a great deal of fine motor control to thread beads onto a chenille stem.

Using a chenille stem is less frustrating than a piece of yarn but it still gives great fine motor practice.

Fine motor practice is important because those are the tiny hand muscles that your little one will use to hold a pencil, tie his shoe, and zip up his zipper.

Counting Bracelet for Preschoolers

Hand eye coordination is also being worked on while your preschooler completes this counting craft.

He will need to concentrate and use his coordination to help thread the beads.

After the craft is completed, he will feel a sense of accomplishment for finishing the task.

All of these things may seem small, but they are important for your preschooler to work on and experience.

You can adapt this counting craft to fit your needs.

If you are working on counting to ten, have your preschooler put ten beads on instead of five.

Working on patterns?

Have him choose two or three colors to alternate putting on the chenille stem.

This activity is part of our Homeschooling Preschool Curriculum Week 3: Families.

Be sure to check out our curriculum for more ideas!

Items You Will Need for the Counting Craft

  • chenille stem
  • pony beads
Counting Bracelet for Preschoolers

How to Make a Counting Bracelet

1 – Have your preschooler pick out a chenille stem and count out five beads.

Have him name the colors of the beads that he chose to sneak in some color recognition practice.

2 – While placing the five beads onto the chenille stem, have your preschooler count each bead out loud.

3 – Criss Cross the ends of the chenille stem and wrap the remaining stem pieces around the bracelet.

4 – Put the bracelet on and use the bracelet to help practice counting by moving a bead each time a number is said.

Counting Bracelet for Preschoolers

Counting Craft

This adorable counting craft helps your little one to practice counting.

Try changing up the color of the beads or the number of the beads to work on pattern making or counting to another number.


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