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Books About Insects for Preschoolers

Fascinate young minds with these books about insects for preschoolers!

Books About Insects for Preschoolers

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Are you in search of a fun way to introduce insects and bugs to little learners? 

Well, look no further!

We have found some incredible books about insects that will both educate and entertain young minds.  

Some of these bug books include a mix of fun facts and silly stories, while others are written to feature insects in more of a scientific way. 

These preschool-age books are great to include in a unit on bugs and insects, at the beginning of a nature discovery activity, or just as an enjoyable storytime read. 

Whatever type of insect book you are after, we’re pretty sure that you’ll find it in this list.  

Read and learn all about insects with these bug books for preschoolers.

Books About Insects for Preschoolers

Preschool Bug and Insect Books  

On Beyond Bugs: All About Insects by Tish Rabe

Share this very informative and colorful book with children. 

Written as a poem, kids will learn about various insects and what makes them special.  

Bugs A to Z by Caroline Lawton

Introduce a variety of insects to little learners with this alphabetized book. 

From caterpillars to praying mantes, children will discover several different types of bugs.   

The Best of Bugs! by Michael Darragh

Get kids excited about insects with this bug book for children. 

With vivid illustrations and informative text, preschoolers will begin to better understand bugs.   

What Bug Am I? by Skye Wade

Laugh along with this silly story about backyard bugs.

Entertaining and educational, this fun read is a delightful book to share with preschoolers.  

Books About Insects for Preschoolers

The Bug Book by Sue Fliess

Discover all kinds of insects from creepy crawlers to slimy bugs in this read all about critters. 

With amazing photographs and fun rhymes, this book is a great addition to your preschool library.

Bugs! Bugs! Bugs! by Bob Barner 

Take budding scientists on an insect adventure with this fun and factual read.

Keep little learners interested and engaged with this bug book.

The Backyard Bug Book for Kids by Lauren Davidson

Help little entomologists identify bugs with this informative storybook. 

Included in this reading are realistic photos, facts, and fun activities to excite and educate young minds. 

Big Book of Bugs by Yuval Zommer 

Explore crawling creatures with this detailed, yet easy-to-read book about bugs. 

With beautiful illustrations and fascinating information, children will be referencing this book for years to come.

Books About Insects for Preschoolers

There’s a Bug on My Book! by John Himmelman

Appreciate all nature has to offer with this unique bug book. 

Complete with colorful artwork and short descriptive text, this book will captivate young learners.   

You Can Be an Entomologist by Dino PhD

Study all the critters with a National Geographic insect expert. 

Curious kids may just find the answers to their buggy questions in this informative book.

Insect Books for Toddlers

Studying, discovering, and learning about the life of insects can be fun and fascinating for preschoolers!  With these incredible insect books, children can take a closer look at the bugs and insects of our world.  By adding a few of these bug book selections into your library, science area, or storytime session, preschoolers will gain a better understanding of a bug’s life in a way that’s simple for them to comprehend.

Have you read any of these insect books yet?

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