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Activities for One-Year-Olds

When you have a one-year-old, it can sometimes seem challenging to know what to do with them. 

Activities for One Year Olds

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They are at an age where they are starting to be more curious and have a thirst for knowledge, but the communication might not be there just yet, and they are still learning about boundaries. 

So are there any activities you can do with a one-year-old?

We have brought together a list of some of the things you could try. 

One Year Old Activities

Create a Busy Board

A great thing you could do with a one-year-old is create a busy board.

From latches and zippers to knobs and buckles, adding different things to a board will keep your little one occupied for ages.

It will also help with fine motor skills and problem-solving techniques. 

Sensory Stations 

From the moment they are born, children use their senses to learn, and at this age, they can be very open-minded.

A sensory station could be the perfect activity for them! 

It allows your little one to explore different sensations and textures in a safe environment. 

A sensory station or basket can also invite creativity and exploration in a different way – visually, through smell, touch, and even taste. 

Activities for One Year Olds

Writing in Sand or Rice

Do you want to engage your one-year-old in a different way?

Then fill a shallow tray with sand or rice and then encourage them to use their fingers to draw shapes and explore. 

They can guide their finger through the rice or sand and learn to recognize different letters and shapes. 

This can also work with yogurt and fruit purees, although it is messier. 

Building Blocks

Building blocks are great resources for your little ones and the perfect activity for them to enjoy.

They can learn to count, recognize colors, sort them, and, most importantly, stack them up to knock them down again. 

Sorting Toys by Color

Another great option to consider is to sort toys into colors.

You can start with the primary colors.

They can then spend time collecting different toys that are a specific color and bringing them together. 

Activities for One Year Olds


Puzzles are also great for this age.

Basic wooden puzzles where your child can learn about different shapes and put them back together are great to help strengthen fine motor skills. 

You can also buy number or letter puzzles, which can also help you teach them letter and number recognition. 

Making Music 

One-year-olds love to make sounds, so helping them create music is a great activity you can do at this age. 

You can get them toy instruments or use household objects to create music.

For example, pots and pans with wooden spoons make for an excellent drum kit. 

Activities for One Year Olds

Home Corner

Finally, at this age, one-year-olds are learning about routines and role play and pick up a lot on what you do in front of them, so home dramatic play corners or stations can be a great way to encourage different skills. 

A play kitchen or shop can help them learn about fruit and vegetables and build up confidence in role play. 

Hopefully, this has given you plenty of ideas for activities you can do with your one-year-old. 

Having Fun with 1 Year Olds

Introducing your one year old to the world around them is the best way to keep them engaged and happy.

Play, read together, snuggle, and make sure you laugh!


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