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Letter P Craft: Peacock Activity

Let your little one color and create a beautiful letter P craft that turns a letter P into a peacock. It’s easy to print and go, too.

Letter P Craft Peacock Activity

What is a Peacock?

A male peafowl is called a peacock. A female peafowl is called a peahen. Their babies are called– you guessed it— peachicks! They are part of the pheasant family.

Peafowl are known for the beautiful tail feathers the males (peacocks) grow.

Letter P Craft Peacock Activity

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Why Make a Peacock Craft

Learning about Peafowl

Preschoolers can learn about these incredible creatures when they do this peacock craft.

They can look at pictures or books to guide them in coloring their letter P craft.

Learning about the Letter P

When littles do this letter P craft, they become familiar with the letter P.

The sound used for the letter P can be talked about when learning that P is for p-p-p-peacock.

Easy to Print and Go

It couldn’t be simpler to print and go with this peacock craft.

Grab the freebie, a blank sheet of printer paper, and a pencil box (that has scissors, glue, and crayons).

Letter P Craft Peacock Activity

Where to Grab the Free Letter P Craft Printable

Get the freebie by filling out the box below.

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Letter P Craft Peacock Activity

Materials Needed

*free letter P craft printable (see above)



*crayons or markers

*blank sheet of paper

Letter P Craft Peacock Activity

Letter P Craft How To

1. Grab and print the peacock craft printable.

2. Color in the P, the feathers, and the beak. Have your little one trace the letters in the word ‘peacock.’

3. Have your little one cut out the letter P. If possible, have them continue to cut out the other pieces. Cut out the pieces if it’s too much (or your little isn’t ready to cut just yet).

Trim off the extra paper from the edges of the word ‘peacock. ‘

Letter P Craft Peacock Activity

4. Place the paper so the long sides go up and down.

5. Have your little one find the word ‘peacock’ and glue it on the very bottom of the page.

6. Encourage your little one to find the letter P and glue it down in the middle of the page.

7. Glue the tail feathers to the left side of the letter P. Tuck the tip of the cluster of feathers under the straight edge of the letter P.

8. Add the beak to the right side of the bubble part of the letter P. The curved part should be touching the P.

9. Put the eye on the letter P slightly to the left of the beak.

Letter P Craft Peacock Activity

Peacock Craft

Enjoy learning about peafowl and creating this fun letter P craft with your little one. Then, hang it somewhere so your preschooler can reference the peacock craft to remember the sound used for P.

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